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The week ahead.. July 24th

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Hey folks!

I hope you had a great weekend despite the heat. Get used to it as it’s gonna be here a couple more months. Ahh.. summer in DC, right??

With that said, I know some people like the ‘element of surprise’ and don’t like to see the workout until they get in the gym. That’s cool. However, the heat won’t stop us from getting outside with running or heavy carries. But I want to make sure you’re prepared for getting out of the climate controlled gym. So make sure you’re staying hydrated – water + something with electrolytes like NUUN tabs – either the night before if you’re an early worker outer, or during the day if you come later. Pee early and often and clear, and try to go one last time before the workout, but not at “3..2..”hold on!!..”

Continuing with our month of shoulder work, I’m going to share one last article from Crossfit Southbay. This has to do with posture, so pay attention all you desk jockeys. It is difficult to reverse the effects from sitting upwards to 8 hours a day at work, and that doesn’t mean just with loss of hip mobility and glute strength, but with the rounding of the shoulders to stare at your computer screen. Check out this article and try it throughout the day.

I’m going to throw out one spoiler, and that is that we’ll be doing “Fran” on Thursday. The reason for the early announcement is so you can plan your week if you normally rest on Thursday, so you can get in and knock her out. “Fran” is a classic CrossFit girl workout and benchmark workout. We do it, and other girl WODs, every 3 weeks. So expect “Fran” to come up about 6 months from now.

Building on that, try to get in early if you know you need some extra time to warm up – either doing the Crossover Symmetry work, or working on hip mobility before squatting. Again, that’s cool if you like the element of surprise with each workout, but be ready to go at the start of each class. We strive to start and end on time, so we ask that you get in a few minutes early and are ready to warm up with the class. If timeliness is an issue, please work things out with your coach. Cool?

Let’s talk about the workouts this week..

Monday – Front squats then a quick little triplet that should get your heart rate up. A little twist with how/when you can rest.

Tuesday – Spoiler in that we’ll be running. Don’t avoid your weaknesses, plan to attack them. Also some barbell work, so you won’t want to miss out.

Wednesday – Another ‘plan ahead’ day with back squats. $hit’s gettin’ heavy. Will be maxing out Sept 16th. Stay tuned. Also bustin’ out the Dballs today.

Thursday “Fran” and bench.

Friyay! – Heavy deads and a quick little couplet to send you into the weekend.

Saturday – I hope you like Fight Gone Bad… with a twist..

Let’s have another great week!

Show up (..on time..) do work!