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The week ahead.. July 17th

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Hey folks!

I hope you are having a great weekend and are enjoying the last few hours before the start of a new week. Use this time to form some good habits going into the new week – spend some time doing meal prep (chopping veggies, cooking large quantities of meat, and make some rice) as this will help with the age old question, what should I have for X meal? Take 30 minutes to get in some mobility – 10 min upper, 10 min middle/back, 10 min lower. Not sure what to do? Check out the DailyMWOD and search based on body part, muscle/joint, or equipment. And if you don’t have the mobility tools they recommend, you can always make due with a baseball as a lacrosse ball or a Nalgene bottle works as a (dense) foam roller at minimum. And no equipment is necessary to do a the couch stretch (well.. a couch.. ) or pigeon pose. I just covered your 10 min of lower half mobility. Done!

I also want to remind everyone that class starts AT the time listed. If you want to attend the 5:30pm class, that’s cool.. get in at 5:25 and knock out your Crossover Symmetry work, or so some extra ankle or hip mobility work to get you ready to squat or deadlift. Allow yourself a little extra time to get in, get settled, get water, go to the bathroom, and hear any extra announcements prior to the start of the class. Cool?

Continuing with the shoulder series, here is Part 3 from the Shoulder Analysis series from CrossFit Southbay. This week we’re learning how to get into a good position. Look at yourself in the mirror, spot the rounded shoulders – and now what? Read on to find out.

I’m getting this posted earlier today to remind you of the StretchFlix and Chill event tonight. Game of Thrones season 7 premiere. Side note – some of us are still only on Season 2, so chill with any spoilers. *thumbs up*

And if you can’t see the link to the SF&C Event, you need to join the Old City Community Group on Facebook. Lots of good stuff being posted there, so join in on the discussions!

Let’s talk about the workouts for this week..

Monday – Longer workout today, one of those that’ll make you dig deep into that bin of mental toughness to keep moving even when you might want to stop.

Tuesday – Getting heavier with the back squats for strength and following it up with a little dumbbell triplet. Use some of that mental toughness from Monday.

Wednesday – Benching today with a gymnastics and barbell ME (max effort) workout to follow that will tap in to that mental toughness. Sensing a bit of a theme here??

Thursday – Bring your jump ropes and be ready to deadlift. Again, it’s getting heavy.

– Wrapping up the work week with a little triplet, combining a gymnastics (pull up, push up, box jump pistol, etc), weightlifting (KB swing, deadlift, push jerk, etc), and mono structural (aka “cardio” – run, row, jump rope.. eventually, Airdyne bike!!) Simple..

Saturday – Getting in a little more work on overhead squats. Mobility is key here. Make sure you have the mobility in the pecs and lats and tspine to do the movement properly. Following this up with some heavy back squats. Remember that ‘mental toughness’ theme I mentioned earlier? Yer gonna need it. Dig deep, y’all.. not just to day, but everyday.

Let’s have another great week!

Show up, do work.