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The week ahead.. July 10th

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Hey Old Cityzens..

I hope you had a great weekend and had fun at the stand up paddle board event today. If you didn’t make it, be sure to check out Capital SUP DC on Facebook and make a weekend of it another time. Also, whenever you’re out and about reppin’ your Old City CrossFit swag, be sure to get a picture of you in action and post it to Instagram and tag Old City or post it to the Old City Community Group on Facebook. Get out and enjoy the weather and put your fitness to good use.

One quick thing to say today is that, yeah, the Crossover Symmetry stuff might get repetitive, but that’s sorta the point. It should get to the point where the movements are ingrained and you know them by heart. Get in earlier to do a few more reps.. hold each for a second longer. Or get it done before class so you can do additional mobility for your shoulder, hips, ankles, etc. Don’t treat it as something you HAVE to do; do each movement with purpose, with the intent on improving your shoulder girdle. If you’re just standing around before class, the assumption is that you’re mobile AF and are ready to go at the drop of a dime. No? Then move.. get your heart rate up, open those pecs, chill in your paleo chair and add it some PVC pass throughs while you’re down there and add in some duck walk steps or work on this hip mobility flow sequence and get a step ahead of everyone else.



I also want to continue the discussion about the shoulder and include this link to Part 2 from CrossFit Southbay about shoulder dysfunctions – what a poor shoulder position looks like, causes, and compensations. Anything look familiar? Be sure to catch up on the other articles from the previous ‘week ahead’ posts.

Enough learning.. let’s get on with the workouts for this week.

– Back squats and a little ‘Fran’ wod prep.

– Bench, yo’, with a little bro sesh’ DB work included. Quick chipper follows.

Wednesday – Deadlifts and KBs. Killer combo.

Thursday – For those doing a push up challenge this month, here’s your chance to get in some reps. Also bring your jump rope.

Friday – Oly strength work on clean and jerk. Workout to follow is just for work. Keeping it simple but effective. No need to count reps or see how fast you can go. Just do the work in the time allotted.

– Front squatting and three quick couplets to follow. I think you’ll like it.

Let’s have another great week folks!