Hey Old Cityzens!

I hope you had a great weekend and stayed WARM! It’s January, though, so.. *shrug*.

One super quick reminder about Monday’s schedule — NO CHANGES. It is a federal holiday and the government is closed (for those still working.. ), but we’re keeping our same schedule. So be sure to come early and come often!

Things are heating up in the gym (heyoo!) with some heavy lifting coming your way, all building up to a heavy single either next week or the following. This includes the power snatching and cleaning, too, so make sure you’re hitting up those double strength days and getting in to the Gainz Club Sunday mornings. Both are great chances to spend extra time under the bar refining your technique.

We are 3 weeks into 2019.. and the board is looking preeety sparse. Are you still thinking of what goals to make for this year? For those with 3-5 already listed.. what are you doing each day/each class to get closer to your goals? Is anyone helping you stay accountable? What are you doing to track your progress? And for those who have already set PRs — ROCK ON!! Keep up the great work.. and don’t stop there!

The CrossFit Open is just under 4 weeks away. Have you signed up yet? Let me back up a second.. do you even know what it is? Quick synopsis – 5 weeks of workouts released every Thursday night. You have until the upcoming Monday night to complete them and enter your scores online. This is one opportunity to make it to the CrossFit Games. For most of us mortals, this is a chance to compete against members of the gym as well as other across the world, to see where you rank doing the same workouts. There is also a scaled version, too! We will be performing these workouts Friday night. For those not signed up, we will be performing these workouts during class on Friday. Programming gets a little wonky as we try to “predict” what the movements will be and program around them. Again, it’s only for 5 weeks, but it’s a great way to really experience the fun and togetherness of the CrossFit community.

Okay.. that really wasn’t quick, but I hope you gave you a good idea of what to expect. Here’s what else you can expect – burpees, double unders, pull ups, muscle ups, handstand push ups… AND MORE! If you are worried that you don’t have any/all of those movements yet, that’s okay because magic happens during the Open and you might get your first during those 5 weeks.

START *clapping hands emoji* WORKING *clapping hands emoji* ON *clapping hands emoji* YOUR *clapping hands emoji* WEAKNESSES *clapping hands emojis* FIVE WEEKS AGO.. or this week. That’s fine too.

On that note.. let’s see what’s coming up this week!..

Monday – Deadlifts + some KB snatches and squats

– Shoulder intensive day. Starting off with some strict press, but we’ve got some heavy jerks in the WOD.

– Double strength day – power snatch + overhead squat and front squats

– Long workout today, and you will have a chance to work on your weaknesses especially if it involves muscle ups (or C2B pull ups), wall balls (HIT THAT LINE!) and double unders.

– Back squats and a nice little triple with some heavy KB swings and box step overs.

– Long workout with a partner. Giddy up. More weakness work, too, especially if that includes handstand push ups.

– Open gym + Gainz club + HeroWOD + yoga

Let’s have another great week!