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The week ahead.. August 8th

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Hey Old Cityzens!

Looks like the summer is winding down, but things are always heating up in the gym.

Only a few announcements this week with the first being our schedule for the Labor Day holiday weekend.

Friday, September 1st – Normal, but only 4:30 and 5:30PM classes. NO 6:30PM.
Saturday, September 2nd – Normal
Sunday, September 3rd – Normal PM class. NO YOGA.
Monday, September 4th – 7am-9am OPEN GYM ONLY.*
*There will be a workout posted in the gym if you have zero weaknesses to work on during this time.

Times are listed on the board in the gym, too.

Secondly, we’ll be adding a ‘daily focus’ to the WOD that’s posted daily on the website. Currently, something similar is already done within each class. Maybe you’ve talked with your coach about how to scale double unders, or should I do negatives or pike on a box for HSPU, or how heavy should I go on a barbell complex if the Rx weight it too much? This will build on those tips and also give you something to focus on during the chaos of the workout. Maybe it’s a long, grinding chipper with a lot of movements, and the ‘daily focus’ will have you zero in on how to mentally get through the box jumps. It will help you see the trees among the forest.

Check it out, give us some feedback, prepare your mind as well as your body to tackle each workout.


Let’s get on with the workouts for this week..

– Starting the week off right with some back squats. Following this up with a couplet sprint.

Tuesday – Press day, of the bench variety. The workout will be tough as it focuses on a couple gymnastics movements that can be a challenging for some people. When you scale one or both, still make it challenging but doable for you.

Wednesday – Heavy deads today. Get your mind ready to pick up some heavy weight. If you liked (or didn’t like) last Friday’s heavy KB thrusters.. well, you’re in for a treat today. Don’t shy away from this one! Push yourself!

Thursday – Heavy front squats are good for the core – better than sit ups – but you’ll get a taste of both.

Friday – Going overhead with some push jerks – not maxing out – and then staying overhead in the workout to follow. I hope you like dumbbells.

Saturday – Today is a good ‘find out what you’re made of’ day. How good are you at gymnastics? At cardio? At picking up heavy things? Test your mettle.

Let’s have another great week!

Show up. Do work!