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The week ahead.. August 7th

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Hey Old Cityzens!

Keeping this one short, but still keeping it focused on shoulder health. With the CrossFit Games this past weekend, Crossover Symmetry has been having a sale – 15% off your order over $150 if you use the code SCAP15. I’m not sure how much longer it will last, so get your set to use at home in addition to the work you put in at the gym.

And speaking of the CrossFit Games, did you follow along or watch any of the events live? Did your favorite CrossFitter win? Feeling pumped to get after it this week? I sure hope so!

So let’s talk about the workouts this week..

Monday – Little barbell complex to start off the week. This is one we did back in November, but I’m upping the ante and increasing the weight a little bit.

Tuesday – A little more barbell work with some power cleans and a couple couplets to follow that include some bodyweight work.

Wednesday – Getting heavy with some front squats and some KB carries, which is a bit of a twist on the girl workout “Helen”.

Thursday – This is a day for YOU, a chance to work on a couple weaknesses, aka ‘goats’. Pick 2 and alternate a few reps each minute. Go heavy, go light – it’s up to you.

Friday – Heavy back squats, but also a chance to work on a couple gymnastics movements that haven’t been in rotation for awhile.

Saturday – Another weeks of ‘deload’ of sorts from the bench press, but getting in some dumbbell work in the metcon.

Let’s have another great week!