Hey Old Cityzens!

Did you get your fill of exercise either by working out this weekend or binging on the CrossFit Games?? How ’bout that! I hope it has you PUMPED to work on your fitness, be it your rowing technique, strength, or striving to get that first muscle up. There’s no shortage of help with our coaches and their knowledge, so try to set something and work on a plan to help get you there either with addition mobility work, or skill work you can do at home or on the weekends at open gym.

Speaking of weekends, the axe throwing event that was cancelled a few weekends ago has finally been rescheduled for Friday, August 10th, from 8-10pm. If you couldn’t make it the first time around, now’s your chance to join us! The cost is $40.25 per person, and you can sign up here to reserve your spot. The event will be taking place at their new location in Buzzard’s Point, at 1901 1st St., SW. It is a part of Field House DC next to Audi Field, home of DC United.

After a brief safety training, the Kraken Axes coaches will give us some pointers on how to actually throw axes. Then we’ll participate in a tournament to see which Old Cityzen is the best axe thrower! So grab your gym bae and reserve your spot now!

We have a few more events in the works including core workshop with Katie and a powerlifting seminar with Sean Chua. Keep an eye out for more information about those. And check the newsletter for additional information about programming and events.

One more mention from the newsletter is that we have a new website in the works. There’s a chance there will be some hiccups with the transition from the current model to the new one, and that might include these postings. We’re hoping to keep both the weekly and daily posts going as I’d like to think they are interesting and informative. Although I’m very biased on this front. The other option is including these Notes in the Zen Planner notes, but I can’t include hyperlinks and sweet pictures and gifs. I also don’t think my wit and sarcasm can truly be expressed in that medium, which is a big part of the posts. Again.. I’m biased. Although I will get mushy for a bit and express an emotion other than stoic, stone faced, and “cold” and say that I do appreciate the handful of people who have come up to me, thanking me for the shout out in a previous post.. to which I respond.. “wut?” I’m still working on taking a complement, but I’m glad to know that it promotes discuss and gets people excited for each workout. And for those who don’t read it.. LOOK AT WHAT YOU’RE MISSING OUT ON!!!

On that note, and before I start getting too emotional, let’s see what’s coming up this week..

Monday – Bench press for 10s followed by some tabata work. Not sure what a tabata is? Show up and find out.

Tuesday – Double strength day with hang muscle snatches and power snatches and overhead squats. You’ll see some KB/DB snatches in the cashout wod. Bring your jump rope today, too!

– Long workout today split up into 5 min segments. The faster you work/run, the more rest you get.

Thursday – Back squats by 8s, followed by a heavy-ish barbell triplet.

Friday – Another long day with a marathon row.. just kidding, only wall balls, pull ups, and dballs.

Saturday – EMOM work with power cleans and jerks followed by a triplet with HPC and push press.

– Open gym + gainz club + Hero WOD + yoga.

Let’s have another great week!