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The week ahead.. August 21st

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Hey Old Cityzens!

I first want to say a HEEYOOOGGEE ‘thank you’ to everyone who came out to help out a Miner Elementary on Saturday. It’s amazing how much work can get done with so many bodies available. And ‘thank you’ to Kara for organizing the outing. Now if she could dial up some cooler temps next year, that would be great! Keep an eye out for more events in the coming months.

On the subject of cooler temps how ’bout that Big Ass fan!

Speaking of upcoming events, coach David is getting a group together to participate in a Spartan Race in Mechanicsville, MD on Sept 9th. Check out his post in the Old City Community Group on Facebook and register soon for Saturday afternoon as the price increases the later you register.

Also, keep up with your goal setting homework! Check out the video series on Facebook as well as the previous blog posts which talk about setting BIG goals, writing down what you’re currently doing to work towards those goals, defining your ‘WHY’, and redefining your ‘WHY’. So check out the videos with ‘Sean Dog’ and Katie with some sweet screamin’ eagle graphics and do your weekly homework. So in next weeks post I will share with you my goals. Keep me accountable folks!

Let’s talk about the workouts this week..

Monday – Pressing – benching with the barbell and some dumbbells.

Tuesday – Deadlifts and busting out the dballs today, too. Getting in some strict pull ups and higher box jumps in the workout.

Wednesday – Longer workout today with a chance to work on your clean and jerk as well as cycling the movements. With that said, try to prioritize cycling vs weight on the bar – getting in at least 2 reps at a time – and not dropping the bar each time. It’s a good way to not only work on your grip strength, but more importantly your mental fortitude. And the metal inserts on the weights will thank you, too, for being kind to them.

Thursday – Sticking with the Olympic lifts to day for some accessory work as well as a quick wod to following dealing with the grip strength and mental toughness I mentioned for Wednesday. One thing to note for today, and with other workouts where we go overhead, barbells with only 10s or 15s on them should be controlled to the ground. That’s not to say we don’t want you going overhead or pushing yourself to try heavier weights, but this is for the integrity of the weights – keep the inserts from popping out and the plates from ‘folding’ – and safety of those close by as these lighter weighs bounce more side to side.

Friday – Front squats. I’m not going to say much more about this, but if you want to work on your winter heinie, this workout should help bolster that peach of yours.

Saturday – Girl WOD. Come hungry! You’re in for a looong bodyweight workout.

Let’s have another great week!