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The Week Ahead.. August 14th

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Hey Old Cityzens..

I hope you had another great weekend and were able to spend some time outside. Me? I’m getting back into running and got in a good 10 mile trail run again. Look for a possible resurrection of my Ultra Running blog in the near future. And that reminds me that I owe you my report from the 100 mile trail run waaaay back in May. I’ll get on that. And there’s also a report from my crew of Liam and Jordan to get out there as well. Theirs has been ready for a looooong time, so I need to get my act together so you can read their spectacular report. Might get you thinking about crewing for me in 2018 (*spoiler.. ?)

First wanted to remind you about the Community Event coming up THIS Saturday. From 10am to noon we’ll be helping the PTO beautify the school grounds at Miner Elementary before the kids come back to school. Like we did at Wheatley last year, we will help with picking up trash, weeding, and just making the grounds look nice. Check out the Event posting on the Old City Community Page on Facebook.

One thing I wanted to post about today, and that’s talking about the Dballs. We’ll be using them again this week, and I wanted to share a couple videos to show you some different techniques to get them off the ground and to your shoulder. In the videos they use atlas stones, but the technique carries over to the dballs.

This first one breaks it down into two stages – lap, shoulder via violent hip extension.

This second one has you go directly from the ground with no pause.

Give it a shot. And maybe at open gym you can see how many you can get in 5 minutes.

Sound good?? Yeah it does!!

Let’s see what’s coming up this week..

Monday – HEEEAAVVVVYY deadlifts. If you didn’t see my post in the Community Group on Facebook, check out my reply to Robert Gu (I can’t seem to link the post here) regarding rep schemes and going heavy.

Tuesday – Long chipper here. Bring your jump ropes.

Wednesday – Similar to the GOAT work we did last Thursday, this is your chance to work on the snatch… alllll dayy. Actually, only during the one-hour class. But check out the videos included in the post when the workout goes live Tuesday night because learning never ends.

Thursday – Fun with Dballs in a partner workout.

Friday – Heavy deads Monday in strength and a chance to go heavy in the workout. Plenty of rest to recover after some other stuff *waving hand at other stuff*

Saturday – Backing off on the squats a little (see post in FB) but getting in some fun on the bike with a little gymnastics work for a triplet.

Sunday – Reminder that we do a Hero WOD every Sunday at the 5:15 class. What is his all about? Check out this article from Breaking Muscle that talks briefly about the history of Hero and memorial WODs. The list can be found under FAQs on the mainsite if you search ‘hero’.

Let’s have another great week!