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November Ab Challenge!

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By David Drew

This November, we are looking to provide you all with a little fitness challenge that you can do both in and out of the gym. We wanted it to be something simple enough so that anyone can take part in, but also difficult enough that everyone who participates will feel challenged. Therefore, I present to you the Old City November 30-Day Ab Challenge!

Starting today, November 1st, and running until the end of the month, I will be hosting this challenge for everyone at the gym. The challenge starts simply; complete a small number of ab-work movements consecutively. The movements alternate each day: A set of 3 movements on Day-A, and set of different movements on Day-B. Each day, the reps/time requirements increase incrementally over the course of the month. By the final week, we will be repping out some serious core work. That being said, none of these should take up more than 10 total minutes of your time in a single day.

Now, I realize some of you might be asking, “Coach David, why in the world are we doing abdominal work with Winter approaching? I’m not going to the beach anytime soon!” My first answer to that is, why AREN’T you going to the beach in the winter time!? But my second, real answer is that it’s never a bad time to do some focused work on the abdominals, as they are a core (harhar) component of muscle stabilization and activation. Additionally, this challenge will hopefully lend itself well to people who may be traveling a lot during this month, especially during Thanksgiving weekend. And hey, you might even be able to get your family/friends in on it, too!

Lastly, I am going to be recording a video of each of my 30-day ab challenge workouts, and I highly encourage everyone who participates to do the same. I want to create a big messaging group via Facebook chat or something similar where we are all uploading our own videos each day. That will help everyone who might need a little extra accountability to get the workouts done, and it will hopefully feel a little more like we are all in a Crossfit class together! Contact me in class or via e-mail if you want to participate! As always, if any movements seem too difficult for you, there are always scaled options available.

So without further ado, here is the November 30-Day Ab Challenge! 4 packs, 8 packs, 21 packs; Here we come!!

-Coach David

Nov 1: 15 Sit-Ups/5 Tuck-Ups/5 V-Ups/20 sec plank

Nov 2: 20 Russian Twists/8 Windshield Wipers/8 Ski-Abs/25 sec Side Planks (each side)

Nov 3: 25 Sit-Ups/10 Tuck-Ups/10 V-Ups/30 sec plank

Nov 4: REST

Nov 5: 30 Sit-Ups/12 Tuck-Ups/12 V-Ups/35 sec plank

Nov 6: 35 Russian Twists/15 Windshield Wipers/15 Ski-Abs/40 sec Side Plank (each)

Nov 7: 40 Sit Ups/17 Tuck-Ups/17 V-Ups/45 sec plank

Nov 8: REST

Nov 9: 45 Sit-Ups/20 Tuck-Ups/20 V-Ups/50 sec plank

Nov 10: 50 Russian Twists/22 Windshield Wipers/22 Ski-Abs/55 sec Side Plank (each)

Nov 11: 55 Sit-Ups/25 Tuck-Ups/25 V-Ups/60 sec plank

Nov 12: REST

Nov 13: 60 Russian Twists/27 Windshield Wipers/27 Ski-Abs/65 sec Side Plank (each)

Nov 14: 65 Sit-Ups/30 Tuck-Ups/30 V-Ups/70 sec plank

Nov 15: 70 Russian Twists/32 Windshield Wipers/32 Ski-Abs/75 sec Side Plank (each)

Nov 16: REST

Nov 17: 75 Sit-Ups/35 Tuck-Ups/35 V-Ups/80 sec plank

Nov 18: 80 Russian twists/37 windshield Wipers/37 Ski-Abs/85 sec Side Planks (each)

Nov 19: 85 Sit-Ups/40 Windshield Wipers/40 V-Ups/90 sec plank

Nov 20: REST

Nov 21: 90 Sit-Ups/42 Tuck-Ups/42 V-Ups/95 sec plank

Nov 22: 95 Russian Twists/45 Windshield Wipers/45 Ski-Abs/95 sec Side Planks (each) 

Nov 23: REST

Nov 24: 100 Sit-Ups/47 Tuck-Ups/47 V-Ups/100 sec plank

Nov 25: 105 Russian Twists/50 Windshield Wipers/50 Ski-Abs/105 sec Side Planks (each)

Nov 26: 110 Sit-Ups/52 tuck-Ups/52 V-Ups/110 sec plank

Nov 27: 115 Russian Twists/55 Windshield Wipers/55 Ski-Abs/115 sec Side Planks (each)

Nov 28: REST

Nov 29: 120 Sit-Ups/57 Tusk-Ups/57 V-Ups/120 sec plank

Nov 30: 125 Russian Twists/60 Windshield Wipers/60 Ski-Abs/125 sec Side Planks (each)

Movement References:



Russian Twists: (Rx+ Weighted RTs)

Windshield Wipers: (Rx+ Hanging)

Ski-Abs: (Rx+ Oblique Pushups)

Planks can be high or low planks – Rx+ is weighted planks (vest/plate on back)