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CrossFit Total – Saturday, April 1st

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No fooling!

Time to test your absolute strength! Come out to Old City CrossFit on Saturday, April 1st from 1-3pm and throw some serious plates around during our first ever CrossFit total! The total is a great opportunity for beginners and veterans alike to test their overall strength. It’ll be fun, challenging, and give you perspective at regular classes when we ask you to do 70%, 80% or the like. The CrossFit total is three lifts, each done with an abundance of rest to make sure you’re giving it everything you got:


We will run this like a real, legit powerlifting meet. After plenty of warmup, you’ll get three chances to hit the heaviest single repetition possible. Once you choose a weight, you can’t go back down. Only up! Expect PRs, off the chart spirit and encouragement, and definitely some beer afterwards.

*and max rep barbell curls