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Back squats
5 – 65%
5 – 70%
5 – 75%
5 – 80%
5 – 80%

Complete 4 rounds of
In 2 minutes
30 sec max bike/cal
Max DBall shoulders (100/60) in time remaining
Rest 1 min

**Back squats are 5-5-5-5-5 with increasing percentages. Still get in a good warm up as there is a decent amount of volume here.

The workout doesn’t have any squatting in it, but it’s going to be tough.. challenging.. you name it. Your heart rate is going to be through the roof when you get off the bike, but I still want you to work the entire time remaining. Don’t just try to match the number from the previous round, I challenge you to do *ONE* more each time. This is also a good time to try the Rx weight ball if you’re not there yet.