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Front squat
3 – 70%
3 – 75%
3 – 80%
3 – 90%

For 10 min
15 sec Active hold bottom of squat w/ KB
15 sec Jumping air squats (no KB)
15 sec Power KB Swings
15 sec Rest

**As mentioned with the push jerks from yesterday, there should be a pause at the top of each front squat to breathe, brace, then descend. Really strive to stay as upright as possible and get those elbows pointing at the wall the ENTIRE time.

For the workout, I’m throwing in an isometric hold at the bottom of the squat – sometimes called sitting in your ‘paleo chair’. This movement, or rather, this position, can be challenging to some and can expose some limitations in ankle range of motion, pinchy hip flexors (everything feels tight where you fold at the hip?), or even core tension (hard to stand up from this position without folding over?) This is a deceiving movement and workout.

The swings here are a slight variation on Russian swings as you aggressively throw the KB between your legs – or as I like to say, try to ‘hit yourself in the taint’ – and just go wrist deep down and in. Aggressively STAND UP, and when the KB reaches parallel, throw that bad boy back down. No need to go heavier than Rx as you’ll get quite the anaerobic workout at the weight listed if done correctly.