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Push jerk


10 Dbl KB Floor press – 53/35
20 Sit up
10 Strict HSPU

**Okay, starting off the week with nothing *too* complicated. First glance and this doesn’t scare you too much, right?

Push jerks for strength, I’d like to see the 3s done as 1-1-1.. make sense? To better explain it, for anytime we do strength, I’d like to see the movements done under control and with purpose. Hence, with the deadlifts I’ve been stating to do them as ‘deadstop’ where you pause briefly with the bar on the ground before picking it up again. Don’t treat it like a metcon and rush through all 3 reps as quickly as possible. Pause at the second dip when you catch the bar with elbows locked out, stand, then bring the bar down to the rack position and get set for your second and then third rep.

For the workout, hopefully your core has recovered from last week and is ready for 80 more sit ups. But the focus here is on the two pressing movements. We haven’t done floor presses in awhile, but the handstand push ups come up every other week or so. Prepare to see them again next week, too. (*spoiler, girl WOD). As with some pull ups last week, we’re slowing things down a touch and making them strict. Working on some weaknesses. For those who scale to knees or pike position on a box, key thing here is ELBOW POSITION.

Facing the box. Lemme repeat.. FACING. THE. BOX.
Where shouldn’t they be pointing? Out to the side, right.. You should be able to see them when your head is touching the ground (not in line with your hands) as they FACE THE BOX.

Do I need to say it again?^^

A good way to practice this is.. oh, with floor presses. Your elbows will be at about a 45 deg angle – not completely tucked into the body, but not flared out to the side parallel to your shoulders. Carry that position over to how you scale your HSPU. If you CANNOT maintain this position for however you are scaling your HSPU, scale down further – knees on stacked plates, downward facing dog position. Don’t learn a movement with poor/incorrect technique or it will take twice as long to unlearn it. #science #justaguess #maybe3x

^^Yeah, probably