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Front squat
3 @ 70%
3 @ 75%
3 @ 85%
3 @ 90%


For 5 rounds, Every 90 seconds, do
2 Power cleans
2 Front squats
2 Push press
2 Thrusters
2 Clusters

Rx = 115/75, and holding onto the bar for all 10 reps

**Here’s my words of wisdom for this workout. I’m not going to go on about working on your front rack position – if yours is shitty and coaches keep telling you ‘get your elbows up’, maybe you should do something about it, right? I’m not going to mention the (over)use of wrist wraps. See the previous sentence about wrist wraps. What I want to talk about are workout standards.

What the eff does that mean?

First off, it’s more than what’s posted here or written on the board – reps, height, weight, etc. It’s the little nuances the coaches add to the workout. Most of them are just reminders of what is asked for with a particular movement – getting your hips below the crease of the knee for squats, hitting the line on wall balls, showing full hip extension at the top of a box jump, full extension of the arms on push ups, and starting a pull up with straight arms. These aren’t new requirements, these are what you should do EVERY. DAY. So DO them every day. Sure, we might add things to workouts, such as tossing the ball over the shoulder on dball cleans, or taking off with both feet at the same time when doing a burpee over the bar, or doing pulls ups with chins facing you. Little changes here or there. But they matter. Those are the standards for the day, for that particular workout. Again, do them. Take off with a ‘skip’? Walk around the bar and jump over the bar with both feet. Don’t hit the line on a wall ball? Shoot it again until you do so the rep will count.

For this workout, if you’re looking to go Rx, you hold onto the bar for all 10 reps. That is the standard. If you know you can’t, scale the weight. Set your ego aside for 15 minutes. Scaling the weight won’t deflate your man/womanhood. Even if you know you’re scaling the weight, I want you do to something that challenges you, but that you can do while holding onto the bar for all 10 reps. This is more mental than it is physical. You got this.