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Overhead squat

6 rounds of
15 sec Dbl KB hold by side – 53/35
15 sec Dbl KB hold in rack pos
15 sec Dbl KB hold overhead
15 sec rest

Right into
6 RFT (10 min time cap)^^
5 Double KB jerks – 53/35
10 Box jump overs – 24/20 (1=1)

^^Goal of 6 rounds as written. So if you finish all 6 under the time cap, you’re done. If you don’t finish, you have a 1 min weighted paleo chair for every round short + partial rounds.

**After yesterday’s squatfest, we’re spending time overhead today with more squats and some kettlebell work. I think of the overhead squats more as a shoulder stability movement since that’s the limiting factor for a lot of people (Tspine and/or shoulder mobility), so go as heavy as that mobility allows you.

As for the metcon, we’ve got something to keep you moving/motivated. After a little warm up with some holds, we’re going overhead again, but with kettlebells for jerks, so be sure to get in that 2nd rebend of the knees. There’s a little asterisk with this workout with some post-wod ‘funishment’. Go as heavy as you can on the jerks, and get movin’ on the box jump overs!