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4 min AMRAP of
3 Cleans – 155/105
6 OTB burpees
12 air squats

Rest 2 min
Repeat until completed a total of 4 times

**So we’re starting off the week with a ‘did you eat a lot of bad food and not workout over the weekend?’ workout. Doing the math, it’s a total of 16 minutes of work and 6 minutes of rest. You work when you’re supposed to work and rest when you’re supposed to rest. The clean weight might look a bit challenging for some, but for the strong folks, this is a good chance to work on cycling the weight – how long can you touch-and-go? For those who will be scaling – options of 135/95, 115/85, or 95/65 – I suggest you still make this a challenging weight. Burpees and air squats are simple body weight movements, so use this as a chance to push the weight on the cleans a touch. I’ve added a little spice to the burpees by making you travel over the bar, but you wrap up each round with air squats. Truth be told, those are more deceiving than they look.

Wrists might hurt a touch going from cleans to burpees, so let the shoulders catch the bar with an open hand vs holding the bar with a full grip. Get in some extra stretching beforehand if you need it.

After each round, pick up where you left off on the previous round. Score will be total rounds plus extras. Let’s see some 12s or 15s up on the board.