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5 – 70%
3 – 80%
3 – 85%
3 – 90%
2 – 95%

11 min AMRAP
11 Power Cleans (135/95)
11 Burpees Over the Bar
19 Deadlifts (135/95)
18 Pull-Ups

**Same advice I’ve given on the deadlifts – deadstop in the strength. I’ll also challenge you to stay with a double overhand grip until the set of 90%. Hook grip before resorting to the mix grip.

However, when it comes to the workout, fair game to touch-and-go here on the deadlifts and the power cleans. This is a short workout, so you should be able to bust through those barbell movements. Fair warning that this is a lot of up-and-down, hinging at the hips, so there’s a chance the low backs could feel this. But if you’re properly bracing, and getting a good first pull^ from the ground for both barbell movements, you should be fine.

^The first pull is that part of the pull starting from the floor and lasting until the bar reaches knee height, give or take. Maintain a neutral back angle – shoulders slightly in front of bar and above hips with hips above knees – and have hips and shoulders rise at the same rate so there is no change in this angle from ground to knee. What can cause low back pain here is when your legs are straight (butt in the air) so there is no knee extension, only hinging from the hips. Another cause is having a good starting position, but then shooting your butt up first (aka ‘stripping’), then ripping the bar off the ground. Again, low back doing the work. Pair this multiple times with burpees and you’ll be hurting.

^Long explanation of the first pull in snatch and clean and jerk, but a good read.