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Bench press
5 – 75%
3 – 80%
3 – 85%
1+ 95%


8 Hang squat cleans
8 Jerks
2 Wall walks

Rx – 135/95
Rx++ if you can hold onto the bar for all HSC and Jerks every round.

**For the last set of bench press at 95%, try for as many reps as possible. The workout is going to be on the heavy side, but it’s also going to challenge your gymnastics skills and ability to control your heart rate and breathing while inverted. Don’t scale the cleans and jerks, too much if you know it’s a weight you can’t do. You’ll have a decision to make if one of those movements is a limiter for you. For me, it’s the jerks – anything overhead, really, with the exception of KB stuff (mah jam!) – so I’d do this at 80 or 85#, which would still be a challenging weight for me. I love HSC, so I could do those all day, but I’d do them as reps of 7/1, get in a little bit of rest before that 8th rep and carry it over to the first jerk. If this weight is easy for you, I challenge you to hold onto the bar for all 16 reps each round.