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10 2-min Rounds of

Row 25 Cals
Max Jerks (225/155)

**Okay, so this is how it’s going down.. This workout should be challenging two ways – with a high heart rate and a heavy overhead movement. Nothing terribly new, right? Be sure to establish a good lockout position and breathe at the top before cycling the bar back down to the rack position for another rep. Lockout position is ankles, hips, shoulders in alignment and elbows locked out before the bar comes down. Coaches loooove to no rep for no lockout.

Everyone is rowing here.. no bike sub.. sooo.. you’re welcome(?) I guess.. Anyways, timing wise look to hit those calories in 1-1:20. It might take a couple rounds to figure that out, but you’ve got 10 rounds, so get that done in 2-3. As for the weight for the jerks, we’re looking for 3-5.. let me rephrase that.. 5-3, reading it this way I want you to try to hit a higher number at least the first 5 rounds. Don’t let things go to shit after that – hold on! Fight through those last few rounds. Try to get your breathing under control from the erg to your bar, get into a rhythm with your set up and execution of each rep. Anyone can pick up a bar and drop it, but I’m more impressed by those who can control it to the rack position and cycle the reps. Try it even if it means scaling the weight.

EDIT: I was going to change what I initially wrote, but I’m going to leave it and add to the end. Reason being, after coaching the first three classes and getting feedback from the members, I wanted to include a few more tips.

First off, this is a variation of the CF Mainsite workout from Sept 9th. Check this link for results and to see how people around the world tackled it.
Second, if you’re on Instagram, I highly recommend following CrossFit Training as they post ways to scale the mainsite WOD. We do our own programming at Old City, however, this will give you a chance to see how movements and workouts are scaled by weight, reps, and rounds/time.
As mentioned in the weekly teaser post, rowing is a skill. Here’s a good video about rowing technique on the erg.

Back to this workout – rowing 25 calories and putting that much weight overhead is going to be tough. Scale early and maintain. I mentioned ~5 reps, but that doesn’t mean you HAVE to do 5 and stop and watch 15 more seconds tick off the clock. If that’s happening, you probably don’t have enough weight on the bar. 5 reps is a suggestion. So is 3. So is 2. The priority is the heavy jerks. The purpose of the rowing is to jack up your HR to perform a heavy load under pressure. You might have that feeling in your chest similar to walking with 2-KBs in the rack position.. Hard to catch your breath? Then you’re at the correct weight/calories.

And lastly, I enjoy embedding links and making them stand out. I hope to look at the analytics on this page later and see the number of hits through the roof!