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Power snatch + Overhead squat + Snatch balance


For time
150 Wall Balls – (20/14)

12 Min Time Cap

*Compare to 1/10/17

**First off, if you’re unsure on how to do the movements for strength, watch the videos. The workout reads like this – do one rep of each movement. You’ll do that a total of 6 times, possibly increasing the weight each round so long as form and technique allows. Take your time with each movement, take one or two breaths between each movement. They should be crisp and sharp. For those who know their snatch 1RM, try to build up to 70-80% of that number.

“Karen” is a girl benchmark workout. Men – hit the top line, ladies – hit the lower line. If that means scale the weight of the ball, scale the weight of the ball. There are 2 standards to this movement – crease of hip below the knee, and hit the wall above the mark. Anytime the ball touches the ground, you must squat before throwing it towards the mark on the wall. Key thing here is to get a HUGH chuck of reps completed out of the gate – 30-50 if you can. Then stick to 10-15 from there until the end. Manage the rest. The pain won’t last forever. This is a gut check workout. How deep can you dig??