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Power clean + Hang squat clean + Jerk


3 Deadlifts (185/135)
2 Power Cleans

This is a complex – so 1 rep = 1 round unbroken

**I’m going to paraphrase a saying..
Q – “What do you do for exercise?”
A – “I lift weights.”
Q – “What do you do for cardio?”
A – “I lift weights faster.”

This should be considered a heavy day. Go heavy as form allows in both strength and the workout. And ‘unbroken’ means you keep your hands on the bar and you keep the bar moving for all five reps. MAYBE a 1 sec pause when the bar is on the ground. Miss that second power clean? Start the round over. And these are solid power cleans, too, abut 85-90% of your 1RM if you can manage without your feet jumping out like a star fish. Drop down! My thought on this is to complete a round every 30 sec or every 45 sec. The latter should give you a little more time to recover so you have zero misses.