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20 KB Swings (53/35)
20 Single KB Clean and Jerks (20 total – switch arms every 5 reps)
400m run

**This is a doozy. This is a long workout, so stay focused and keep moving. Take it one round at a time. KB weight should allow for the swings to be completed with large sets and even unbroken in early rounds. What will be challenging here is that it’s a very hip dominate workout, being a primary mover for all three movements. To help you save your hips a little by using your hamstrings and glutes, think about pulling your heel up to your butt vs driving your knee up or swinging your leg forward during the run. In a standing position, your legs should look like the number 4. Try a few reps in place 5R, 5L. To turn this into running, lean forward and get both legs moving.