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8 – 65%
6 – 75%
4 – 80%
4 – 85%

12 Min AMRAP
5 Handstand push ups (HSPU)
10 Toes to bar (T2B)
15 DBL KB DL (70/53)
20 Air Squats

**This might look a bit like Cindy – but we’ve spiced it up for you a bit. This should test your gymnastic abilities just as much as your conditioning. The key to success will be to stay focused and move well. Reps on the handstand push ups and T2B are low, but if you need to scale the movement, be it the handstand push ups, or the toes to bar, still make it something that’s challenging for you, not just something that allows you to ‘get through it’. As always, talk with your coach and find what works best for you.