Hey Old Cityzens!

Hope you are enjoy your holiday weekend. I know I am! I tend to stay local, and I’ll be taking some time to do a big clean and purge of my apartment. I know – getting crazy!

On that note, if you did happen to travel outside the DMV this weekend, or sometime in the last 2 weeks, please keep in mind that DC requires a 14-day self quarantine when you return to DC if you traveled to one of the listed high risk states. We ask that you stay out of the gym for those 2-weeks, too.

Not much else to add this week as the monthly newsletter went out last Tuesday.

One note regarding the Zoom happy hour that was posted to be happening Friday, September 18th will likely be changed to Wednesday or Thursday of that week due to Friday evening being the start of Rosh Hashanah. And we want to make sure as many members as possible can attend even if it’s for a little bit.

Okay.. let’s see what’s coming up this week..

Monday – Labor Day – gym closed. Run a 5K.

Tuesday – Double strength day working on cleans, and getting in some weighted dips.

Wednesday – Long workout right away! This is a nice little chipper of 50 down to 10 and back up again.

Thursday – Back squats.. yup. Gonna hit those 8s again. Bring your jump rope for a quick workout with some KB swings to follow.

Friday – Alternating weeks pressing (push press) with some double KB/DB work. Hard to cheat the press with a weight in each hand.. especially when we’re adding a 3 second negative. Ooph!

– Second long workout of the week, and it will be a 9/11 Tribute WOD.

Sunday – Bodyweight tribute WOD in the park – Join Jess in the park (check FB Group for more info), socially distanced with a friend, or on your own.

Let’s have another great week!