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The week ahead.. May 8th

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Hey Old Cityzens!

What a great first week, huh?!?! New space, brand spanking new equipment. What more could you ask for!! (more equipment?? but of course.. but in a month or so, hold tight).

One thing I want to point out is that the reps and percentages are going to be changing up the next couple of weeks. I highly, highly, HIGHLY suggest that you keep track of your weights when you lift. That doesn’t just mean the last weight you used, but also the warm up sets and other working sets. Even track how you felt (sluggish, went in the morning when I normally workout at 4pm, didn’t eat much throughout the day, etc.) as that can all affect your lifts. Even if you weren’t able to get your 1RM at the CrossFit Total last month, there are apps you can use to figure that out based on what you’re currently lifting. Sure, you can go by something that ‘feels heavy’ and adjust 5-10# based on that, but it’s not very accurate or reliable. Whether you use an app, book, or online spreadsheet, come to class having a very good idea of what your best lift is and check that against the percentage sheets posted over by the weights.


Let’s get talking about the workouts for this week..

Monday – ooh.. great way to start off the week with a killer little triplet. A little bit of pushing, pulling, swinging and squatting.

Tuesday – Good chance to try out those new Matador bars after some deadlifts. See my note about regarding tracking your weights.

Wednesday – Starting off with some skill/technique work on the Olympic lifts. I shy away from saying ‘strength’ when talking about these lifts, especially the snatch since it’s a very technical movement, and I want to make sure your form is on point before going up in weight too much. Drill, drill, drill good technique and proper motor and muscle patterns.

Oh, running and deadlifts, too. Spoiler.

Thursday – Let’s hope those hammies aren’t too sore from the past couple of days, and we’ll be bustin out the dumbbells today, too.

Friday – Classic Girl WOD today – all body weight movements. What’s your guess? You have 20 minutes..

Saturday – Back squats – know your max! Then a max rep barbell workout. Phew!

Let’s have another great week.
Show up. Do work.