Hey Old Cityzens!

I hope you all had a great Juneteeth/Pride/Father’s Day weekend. SO MUCH going on!

Busy weekend for me, too, so I’m going to keep it short and sweet.

6:30PM Class/Open Gym
It’s both! If you want to do the class as coached, sign up in ZenPlanner for CROSSFIT. And if you want to do your own thing during that time, sign up for OPEN GYM.

All other classes – with the exception of Saturday 11am, noon – are CrossFit only classes.

Hopefully this clears up some confusion that might’ve been happening the last few weeks.

AARP Workout Video

This Thursday at 6:30, Coach David will lead the AARP Crew through another workout.

Check out the AARP Live Stream page on YouTube and follow along.

Weekly Musings

1. All about the Summer Solstice

2. Juneteeth and a reading list to discover more about Juneteenth and African American cultural traditions.

Let’s see what’s coming up this week..

Monday – Double strength day with a clean focus – power and squat – with pull ups – strict and weighted – for accessory work.

Tuesday – Long workout today with a little of everything – double unders, swings, sit ups, push press… what else??

Wednesday – Front squats for a heavy 5 and some *fast* burpees and thrusters

Thursday – Toes to bar skill work.. yes, they’ll be in the workout, too, so keep your hands in check! Pairing them with hang power snatches in the workout.

Friday – Long workout with some box jumps, dips, and Turkish Get-ups

– Strict press followed by a triplet with ACFT hand release push ups and air squats. Stick with the basics!

Sunday – Rest Day! Relax, and we’ll see you back in the gym tomorrow!

Let’s have another great week!