Hey Old Cityzens!

I hope you had a good weekend and celebrated the 4th responsibly. It was a hot weekend, too! Now let’s get back to work. *fist bump*

But first, couple admin notes.. *I know, I know.. get to the good stuff. BUT I want to keep you in the know about gym happenings. I’ll keep it quick.*

-AC is getting fixed soon. Bring a towel and a bottle (or two!) for your liquid of choice to stay hydrated. It’s gonna be another hot week.

-Pull ups! We’re looking to add those to the workouts NEXT week, but we want to make sure there are safe/socially distant pathways to/from the rig from your workout space. What about chalk? Answers next week.

-7AM class will be added to the schedule starting July 13th. The 6AM has been getting full, and I know there’s interest in the 7AM, so let’s give the people what they want! It’s possible the 4:30pm class will be added soon, too. I’ll let you know ASAP when that decision is made. Keep an eye out here for that announcement.

Alright.. admin stuff out of the way.. Let’s see what’s coming up this week..

Monday – Double strength day, and we have some power snatches and overhead squats. We’ll also be hitting the quads, too. Wear your short-shorts and show off them gams.

Tuesday – Long day and we’re gonna row.. and SWING! KB swings, yo! .. *and burpees…

Wednesday – Okay, so you didn’t like sets of 12s for deadlifts? Alright.. we’ll we some sets of 6s, but with a 3 sec negative. Then some DB cleans (dumbbells! *heart eyes!*) and box jumps.

Thursday – Push ups for strength – eccentric or weighted. Kettlebells are back in the mix with some snatches. Bring your jump rope today, too.

Friday – Finally the barbell! Following up Wednesday’s deadlifts with some heavy-ish deadlifts. Also, in prep for doing pull ups we’ll be doing some weighted rows (DB, KB, plate, heavy band).

Saturday – Pistol skill work – mobility, balance, single leg step ups. The workout is simple – rowing and air squats. It’s these simple ones on paper that you gotta watch out for. I’m also coaching it, and I get a little too excited on the rowing workouts. *shrug* I can’t help it!

– A nice body weight HeroWOD

More barbell work next week – I promise! I got excited with having enough KBs and DBs in the gym to use them.

Let’s have another great week!