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The week ahead.. July 3rd

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Hey Old Cityzens!

I hope you had another great weekend and were able to spend some time outside. Looks like summer has come and landed right on us! Whew! How ’bout that humidity?!

Reminder that we have NO CLASSES on Tuesday, July 4th. Get out and celebrate ‘Murica!

July 9th – SUP Event
July 16th – StretchFlix & Chill: Game of Thrones

Also, take a second to join the Old City Community Group on Facebook and answer the questions I posed on June 30th. Would love to keep the discussion going to learn more about our members.

I wanted to go back to the discussion about the Crossover Symmetry bands. I have heard 0 feedback, so I’m going off of the assumption that no news is good news and at this point everyone is so familiar with them that you don’t have to look at the board to use them and you know that Yellow and Green bands are paired together as are Red and Purple, and within those two groups you know which band is Heavy and which is Light.. yes…. yes? *pretty please??** Even so, we’re gonna keep at it for the rest of the month. Please take the time to use them before/after class. And if you come in and don’t know what to do.. heck, grab a board and just study the movements. The morning peeps know that I looooaaathee standing around. And if you’re unsure of something ASK!

More about the shoulder.. Back on June 19th I shared this link about the major muscles and joints of the shoulder and another link about the biomechanics and how it moves.

For this week, check out this blog post from CrossFit Southbay again about the shoulder girdle and the importance of warm up, especially with a PVC pipe.

Keep these in mind when warming up this week.. not standing around.

Here’s a glimpse at the workouts for this week.

Monday – Bench. Last day to find your 1RM if you haven’t already. You will need it for next week and the weeks following. Don’t guess. Just bench. Get swole so you can get swole-er.

Tuesday – NO CLASS. BE MORE AMERICAN! And post pics about it on the Community page.. *another plug..*

Wednesday – Girl wod and a *slightly* unconventional max effort day. Bring your shin guards and crash pads.

Thursday – Going overhead for strength and putting it to use in the workout, too. Be sure to bring your jump rope, too.

Friday – Some unilateral work for strength, then a strength based WOD. Two movements, going heavy with few reps. Imma be practicing my ‘no rep’ calls for this workout.

Saturday – 30 min wod.. this is a long one, but breaking it up 15 min/15 min and changing up the movements from heavy to ‘light’.

Sunday – Hero WOD

You know the saying..