Hey Old Cityzens!

Ah yes! Back at it again. I nearly left in my filling quote of *Upcoming announcements* but figured I should edit this post with something to say.. so here’s what I have to say.

We’ve been back in the gym just over 6 weeks, and it has been awesome to see some familiar faces again right from the get-go, and as we added the 7am class and then the 4:30p class (I’m talkin’ about you, Handsome Pete!) And if you’re here long enough, maybe I’ll give you a sweet nickname 😉 Even working out in the PM, I like to hang back and chat it up with the incoming class to see how things are going and talk a little smack. That also happens with our ZoomWODs that Coach Jess runs Mon/Wed/Fri PM, that I’ve had the pleasure of joining in on occasionally. Check the newsletter to see how you can get involved with that, whether you’re working out in the gym or working out with us virtually. We’re all about building the community with our members whether it’s in person or online. We have some ideas in the works that don’t involve working out, so stay tuned on how to stay MORE connected with your fellow Old Cityzens.

With that said, spread the word on how awesome of a community, workouts, and coaches we have and get your neighbors and friends involved. We’d love to expand our community. And new members that sign up get a $100 gift card to a local business. You can’t beat that! Talk to one of your coaches, or direct your friends to the link on our website to set up the initial meeting.

Cool?? COOL!!

Let’s see what’s coming up this week..

Monday – Double strength day. Clean week with some power cleans and jerks, as well as reverse lunges to work on that single leg strength for tomorrow…

Tuesday – Long workout with allll the squats! Unweighted and weighted. Throwing in some box jumps, too, too keep you honest 😉

Wednesday – Deadlift day, going back up to 5s. The workout to follow also includes deadlifts (based on a percentage of what you just worked up to ) and will see how many double unders you can do under a time constraint. This is a good time to get in some attempts, too, vs just doing single unders.

Thursday – Floor press day, followed by some swings and sit ups.

Friday – Ooh.. Here’s another long workout <3 A'ight.. so this one has some rowing, Devil press, and pull ups. *shrug* What could be so bad about it?

– Skill work with some handstand push ups – get inverted! This is a pressing day, too, so you’ll see some burpees and box dips in the workout. Get those shoulders loose!

SundayHeroWOD – Join Jess in the park (check FB Group for more info), socially distanced with a friend, or on your own. It’s a short one and a good one to do especially if you’re low on equipment.

Let’s have another great week!