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The week ahead.. April 3rd

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Hey Old Cityzens!

I gotta say – great showing Saturday for the CrossFit Total. I’m looking forward to the weeks to follow.

With that said, for those who couldn’t make it, try to make it to open gym this weekend to find your 1RM for back squat, press, and deadlift. It will help take the guesswork out of what weight to use for each movement.

Starting over with the format of squat, press, no strength, deadlift, Oly, Front squat/squat accessory for Monday through Saturday. Hero wod every Sunday, so that day is taken out of account. We don’t program those workouts around the other 6 days, so you might encounter the same movements that day that were in Saturday’s workout or will be in Monday’s workout. Plan accordingly. The movements shift a day each week and sometimes one of the movements won’t be included for that week. We’re going to start with some hypertrophy work – lighter weights, higher reps – for about 3 weeks. Take your time, don’t rush the movements. Try to get in some accessory work between sets – box jumps on squat days, KB swings when we deadlift, and pull ups when we push. Nothing to failure.

Additionally, don’t just rely on the board to note what weight used each week. Use a log book, an online app, or spreadsheet to keep track of your workouts – warm up sets/weight, were your hips feeling tight, or did you come to an earlier class than usual, etc. All of this information is helpful with your progress.

Looking forward to more progress this week.

Here’s a preview of the week..

Monday – As mentioned above, back squat on Monday (next week on Tuesday.. then on Wednesday

Tuesday – Press heavy day. Working in different planes. Read more about those planes HERE.

Wednesday – Nice little chipper. Get back to using those dumbbells.

**If you bike, keep it outside as the back will be taken up with ropes. The front isn’t an option since the garage door will need to be open.

Thursday – A typical rest day for most, but deadlifts today. Follow it up with a little barbell chipper. If you normally have an issue with grip and holding onto the bar, practice the hook grip during strength.

Friday – Oly day followed by a Girl WOD. Bring your jump ropes!

Saturday – Keeping with the spirit of 1RM today followed by a little partner workout.

Sunday – HERO WOD. Smash it!

Let’s have another good week!
Show up. Do work.