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Our community members inspire us daily. We’re excited to share their stories with you and can’t wait to be a part of your own fitness story!

  • Henok T.

    Defender of freedom, proponent of inalienable rights for individuals, and the best hope for mankind…we’e talking about the USA, right? Well, sure, but I’m actually referring to Old City Crossfit! In a city stacked with enough history to orgasm even the most erudite history buff, there’s no better place that merges this history with fitness than Old City Crossfit! I find that it represents DC better than other boxes in the city, and it happens to have a winning location in the trendy and happening H St corridor.

    The owner/coach Sean is full of good vibes and positive energy. He’s a great coach and constantly gives the feedback and individual attention we all want to accomplish our goals. His humor is perhaps best reflected in the hanging “Declaration of Into Fitness” document on the wall. This document actually looks like a copy of the Declaration of Independence and has plenty of clever and hilariously written prose that substitutes the more popular document with Crossfit-focused subject. The bottom of the document consists of signatures from the box’s founding members. Brilliant!

    This is definitely my go-to Crossfit box next time I’m in DC. I recommend you join if you’re a local and definitely drop-in if you’re a visitor!

  • Cole B.

    This place is the best. The number one aspect that separates this place from any other is the coaching. There’s a great ratio of coaches to members and they are all very talented at what they do. Unlike other gyms I’ve been to, the coaches here are constantly watching for form and safety. They give instant feedback and great suggestions that have really improved my strength and mobility. From the very basics to advanced technique, these guys can work with you at any fitness level.

    I also love the programming. It is so nice to get out of work, head for the gym and just go hard. Every area of my fitness has improved since I joined this gym. I definitely recommend giving it a try.

  • Jessie G.

    As a “founding father” of Old City Crossfit, I might be biased, but watching Old City grow since it opened in the fall has been great. Not only are all the instructors incredibly personable (and competent), but so are all the other Crossfitters. Additionally, the gym has been growing by leaps and bounds — adding more classes, yoga, nutrition options, and fun outside activities as well. If you don’t know what Crossfit is but have an open mind, I definitely recommend stopping in for a class at Old City. My fiance and I were pretty anti-Crossfit for a long time, mostly because we have a friend who is OBSESSED. Seriously, it runs his life. The nice thing about Old City though is that although there are a few people more dedicated (and experienced) than us, most of the people seem to be beginner Crossfitters just trying to get a really good workout. Because of it’s location, there are a lot of young professionals, but there is also diversity representing pretty much all demographics. Friendships are made along the way, so social activities are frequent — however, they’re certainly not mandatory. We haven’t actually gone to any just due to scheduling difficulties!

    The best part about Crossfit is the coaching — you can come in with no plan, no idea what you’re doing, and they will teach you. My fiance and I are still usually among the last to finish workouts and we’re still learning new lifts and movements every week — however, there’s no judgement and plenty of patience. Also, even though we only tend to make it to 2 (maybe 3) workouts a week, we have definitely noticed that we’re in better shape (a lot better). None of the coaches at Old City are too hardcore, but they are all certified and they all know what they’re doing. Usually the same coaches teach the same days/times, so you do get consistency; however, it’s also nice to switch it up sometimes just because a different coach might have different ways to help you.

    Erin and Sean, the Old City owners, are doing this because they love it and they want to help people. That is clear through everything they do. Yes, Crossfit is more expensive than a regular gym (although not much more compared to some around Capitol Hill) — but you get your money’s worth in personal attention and workout programming that really works to help you improve. Because the gym is doing well, they’ve added yoga on Saturdays, kids classes, new equipment, 8PM classes, and they’re working on finishing the upstairs level (can’t wait to see what they’ll do with that)! They also have a paleo “neighborhood” for those that are interested in learning more about living a paleo lifestyle, and they have a meal delivery system for paleo meals — like I said earlier though, they don’t push it and it’s really just a personal decision if you want to participate.

    My fiance and I have gone from Crossfit-haters to regular gym members — we like not having to plan out a workout, instead just planning out the time that we’re going to go to class. We show up and they tell us what to do, so we don’t have to think much at all. And in the end, we do it to be more fit, which is definitely what we’ve noticed happening!

  • Amy R.

    It’s been a year and a half since I nervously walked into Old City CrossFit after having my second baby. I’d never lifted a barbell in my life but knew it was time to up my game if I wanted to regain my overall fitness. Old City’s coaches always made me feel welcome. Quietly attentive, they helped me scale my workouts and improve my technique without feeling embarrassed. The Moms class is fun and really helped with my core strength. Now with their infant and kids swim classes, Old City has become a Capitol Hill go-to for my entire family.


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