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Power cleans

Tabata Barbell
Tabata deadlift – 135/95
Tabata hang power clean – 115/75
Tabata front squat – 95/55
Tabata push press – 65/35

-A ‘tabata’ is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. You complete this sequence 8 times.
-You will complete all 8 rounds of one movement before moving on to the next.
-Record all reps for each movement individually. Your score will be 4 numbers – the totals from each movement.

**This is a slight spin on the Mainsite workout from February 2, 2017 with a reduction in weight on the bar. The movements are similar to what you did yesterday with the Curtis Ps, but we’re breaking it down a bit and playing around with the weight. It will still be challenging, and I hope to see a lot of Rxs on the board.

With that said, since we did deadlifts on Monday and you MWF peeps will be getting DLs 2 workouts in a row, be mindful of your form.


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5 Curtis P – 115/75
15 Buprees
30 KB Swings – 70/53
60 Double unders

*35 min time cap*

**I finished this bad boy around 26 minutes, so 35 minutes should be plenty of time for everyone. This is a grinder, but you have to keep moving. Now that you know my time, I expect the faster and stronger folks to finish at/under 20 minutes. I went unbroken on the Curtis Ps the first round, then 3/2 for rounds 2 and 3, and 2/2/1 on the last round. Don’t get hung up on the double unders – no more than 90 seconds here, or scale them to 30 or 15 if you have some or have to do 3-5 singles between each. Keep plugging away.. and maybe ask Santa or Hanukka Harry for your own jump rope to practice outside of class??

I know for many people they will have problems with there wrists in the rack position, so keep working on the front rack mobility, and when doing the HSQ, catch the bar on your shoulders vs holding it. You might have to do a little dip/drive to get ahold of the bar again before going overhead, but you don’t want to be holding the bar in the rack position for too long.


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Deadlifts – 225/155
Handstand push ups


5 – 65%
5 – 70%
5 – 75%
3 – 80%
3 – 80%

*Compare to 2/21/17, 10/21/15

**Starting off the week and the day with a benchmark Girl workout. For girl WODs we like to switch up the strength and the workout since hitting the benchmark is the priority. So you should be plenty warm for the strength to follow.

First point – hip hinge vs squat on the deadlift. We did some banded pull throughs a few weeks ago, and I think that got you feeling not only how close you keep your hands to your body on KB swings *cough, tomorrow, cough* but what a hip hinge should feel like. Here’s a quick 20 second video that shows the two movement patterns. Basically stand a few steps away from a wall and try to touch it with your butt. When you squat, your butt will go down towards your heels, not toward the wall behind you.

Deadlift = butt back
Squat = butt down

Handstand push ups (HSPU), I’m going to reiterate what I said back on 11/6 when you did floor presses and HSPU. If you’re scaling to knees/pike on a box, ya gotta get your elbows pointing towards the box. Where do they point on push ups? When bench pressing? When doing a strict barbell press overhead?

Like this..


Notice body position relative to the box – parallel, not perpendicular like she’s doing incline push ups. I want your head to the ground, not your chest.

Head to the ground = HSPU
Anything else = not a HSPU

There are your bullet point.


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10 rounds of:
11 Chest to bar pull-ups
22 Front squats (75/55)

**U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Sean M. Flannery, 29, of Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 502nd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), based in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, was killed on November 22, 2010, in Kandahar province, Afghanistan, when insurgents attacked his unit with an improvised explosive device. He is survived by his fiancee Christina Martin, mother Charlene Flannery, and brothers Sergeant Brian Flannery and Devin Flannery.


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Bench press
5 @ 65%
5 @ 70%
5 @ 75%
5 @ 80%

#Optional DB rows between sets, 10-12 reps.

2 rounds
200m dball carry^^ – 100/60
20 Knees to elbow
400m run

^^Carry the dball in the front of your body at your belly

**Another workout with heavy carries. Twice in a week = overkill? Nah. But I’m aware of it, and it’s good for you as there’s a slight difference in the stimulus. Aside from the distance, let me know how your breathing is affected. And it will still tax your grip making those knees to elbow a little more challenging.

As with the bike on Thursday, don’t use the run as your recovery – attack it! You have two rounds of this, so you should be sprinting.


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Back squat
5 – 70%
3 – 80%
3 – 85%
2 – 90%
2 – 90%


100-meter Farmers carry (50/35)
20 deficit push-ups, hands on dumbbells
10 DB Ground to OH

**Second week in a row the workout to follow the back squats doesn’t include squats. Soo.. you’re welcome?

Oh, but don’t think I’m going easy on you. We’re getting a bit heavy here in strength. The workout is pretty simple, so the warm up will be quick, but definitely get in some work with the hip circle (programmed) beforehand, as well as some goblet squats or any hip/ankle mobility necessary before getting under the bar. Hitting 90% 2x, and it gets heavy fast. Get in at least 3 warm up sets if you’re max is around 200#, and at least 4 if higher than than.. reps of 5 early, then 3s. No need for crazy volume, just use those early sets as warm ups for that 90% – physically and mentally as your approach and technique is the same with the empty barbell as it is as the weight increases.

Here’s a great article and video about addressing the bar for a back squat. Video and outline at the bottom, but I encourage you to read the entire article.


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25 min AMRAP
15/10 cal Bike
20 Walking lunges (total)
15 Pull ups
10 Burpee dball shoulder – 100/60

**Nothing surprising, nothing out of the ordinary, right?

Dudes bike for 15 calories, ladies for 10. I want you to get in the habit of paying attention to your watts in warm up and workouts. I can hold about 250 watts and get 10 calories in a minute or just under. Now, I’ve found one of the monitors to be finicky as in it jumps from 247-252-264-270 watts, or there about. Gentlemen, shoot for 300 watts. Will it be tough? Yes. But you’ll bike maybe 4-5x. There isn’t really a place to rest here.. maybe when the dball is falling to the ground?.. so don’t look at the bike as your chance to rest. 300/250 watts to reach your calorie goal.

Now, burpee dball shoulder. Let’s toss the ball over the shoulder on this one. What is the move? You do a burpee, but instead of jumping and clapping, you pick up the ball (aka ‘shoulder’ or ‘clean’) after the push up, and drop it behind you. Do that a total of 10 times. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


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Front squat
3 @ 70%
3 @ 75%
3 @ 85%
3 @ 90%


For 5 rounds, Every 90 seconds, do
2 Power cleans
2 Front squats
2 Push press
2 Thrusters
2 Clusters

Rx = 115/75, and holding onto the bar for all 10 reps

**Here’s my words of wisdom for this workout. I’m not going to go on about working on your front rack position – if yours is shitty and coaches keep telling you ‘get your elbows up’, maybe you should do something about it, right? I’m not going to mention the (over)use of wrist wraps. See the previous sentence about wrist wraps. What I want to talk about are workout standards.

What the eff does that mean?

First off, it’s more than what’s posted here or written on the board – reps, height, weight, etc. It’s the little nuances the coaches add to the workout. Most of them are just reminders of what is asked for with a particular movement – getting your hips below the crease of the knee for squats, hitting the line on wall balls, showing full hip extension at the top of a box jump, full extension of the arms on push ups, and starting a pull up with straight arms. These aren’t new requirements, these are what you should do EVERY. DAY. So DO them every day. Sure, we might add things to workouts, such as tossing the ball over the shoulder on dball cleans, or taking off with both feet at the same time when doing a burpee over the bar, or doing pulls ups with chins facing you. Little changes here or there. But they matter. Those are the standards for the day, for that particular workout. Again, do them. Take off with a ‘skip’? Walk around the bar and jump over the bar with both feet. Don’t hit the line on a wall ball? Shoot it again until you do so the rep will count.

For this workout, if you’re looking to go Rx, you hold onto the bar for all 10 reps. That is the standard. If you know you can’t, scale the weight. Set your ego aside for 15 minutes. Scaling the weight won’t deflate your man/womanhood. Even if you know you’re scaling the weight, I want you do to something that challenges you, but that you can do while holding onto the bar for all 10 reps. This is more mental than it is physical. You got this.


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Overhead squat

6 rounds of
15 sec Dbl KB hold by side – 53/35
15 sec Dbl KB hold in rack pos
15 sec Dbl KB hold overhead
15 sec rest

Right into
6 RFT (10 min time cap)^^
5 Double KB jerks – 53/35
10 Box jump overs – 24/20 (1=1)

^^Goal of 6 rounds as written. So if you finish all 6 under the time cap, you’re done. If you don’t finish, you have a 1 min weighted paleo chair for every round short + partial rounds.

**After yesterday’s squatfest, we’re spending time overhead today with more squats and some kettlebell work. I think of the overhead squats more as a shoulder stability movement since that’s the limiting factor for a lot of people (Tspine and/or shoulder mobility), so go as heavy as that mobility allows you.

As for the metcon, we’ve got something to keep you moving/motivated. After a little warm up with some holds, we’re going overhead again, but with kettlebells for jerks, so be sure to get in that 2nd rebend of the knees. There’s a little asterisk with this workout with some post-wod ‘funishment’. Go as heavy as you can on the jerks, and get movin’ on the box jump overs!


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4 min AMRAP of
3 Cleans – 155/105
6 OTB burpees
12 air squats

Rest 2 min
Repeat until completed a total of 4 times

**So we’re starting off the week with a ‘did you eat a lot of bad food and not workout over the weekend?’ workout. Doing the math, it’s a total of 16 minutes of work and 6 minutes of rest. You work when you’re supposed to work and rest when you’re supposed to rest. The clean weight might look a bit challenging for some, but for the strong folks, this is a good chance to work on cycling the weight – how long can you touch-and-go? For those who will be scaling – options of 135/95, 115/85, or 95/65 – I suggest you still make this a challenging weight. Burpees and air squats are simple body weight movements, so use this as a chance to push the weight on the cleans a touch. I’ve added a little spice to the burpees by making you travel over the bar, but you wrap up each round with air squats. Truth be told, those are more deceiving than they look.

Wrists might hurt a touch going from cleans to burpees, so let the shoulders catch the bar with an open hand vs holding the bar with a full grip. Get in some extra stretching beforehand if you need it.

After each round, pick up where you left off on the previous round. Score will be total rounds plus extras. Let’s see some 12s or 15s up on the board.