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500m row
5 cleans – 185/135
10 Strict ring dips
5 Jerks

**Another 5 round workout today. Why? Because the odd ones are more mentally challenge. It makes you rethink your choice in weight on round 2, wishing it was only four rounds on the 3rd, gutting it through the 4th, and using whatever you have left in the tank to git ‘er dun. The row is going to break up the weight lifting movements, but still look to hold a steady – not slow – pace. Keep your stroke rating down (SPM – strokes per minute), say around 24, but try to maintain a 2:00/500m split. This is maintained with a slow recovery back up the slide.


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Front squat
1+ 95%

10 Dball shoulders (100/60)
10 Box jumps – 30/24

**Picking things up, and putting them down – this means not just the dball, but your body.. up and off that box. We’re going a little higher than usual. And what I like about the height here is that a straight up box jump slows you down in that you have to show full hip extension at the top by standing up all the way, and this is a difficult height to come down and quickly rebound for the following reps. So the reps and rounds might look pretty easy, but there’s going to be a lot of hip extension going on here, and that box might start looking a little bit higher on rounds 3,4, and 5. You’ll feel your lungs burning for sure – don’t hold your breath!


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Hang power snatch + Overhead squat + Hang squat snatch

CrossFit Open Workout 14.1

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
30 Double-unders
15 Power snatches (75/55)

For the strength portion, for many this will be treated as skill/technique work as many will be new or unfamiliar to the movements. So only go as heavy as form and mobility allows.

For the workout, we’re going to start repeating Open workouts from past years. Who knows! One of these might come up this year, so this will be good practice, and and chance to compare to your score from the first time around. This is a basic couplet – 2 movements – a monostructural (aka ‘cardio’) movement paired nicely with a weight lifting movement. The reps and weight make this look like a sprint, but if you go out of the gates too quickly, you’ll be sucking wind by 4 minutes in and crawling to the finish. Find that threshold, back off a touch, and hold on for the entire 10 minutes. It’s a fun ride especially when you have a bae in class to race against.

The same scaling options that were used during the Open will also be used in class.


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20 min AMRAP
2 rounds “Cindy”^
1 round “DT”+

5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Air squats

12 Deadlifts
9 Hang power cleans
6 Push jerk
Rx weight – 155/105

**Oh man, oh man, oh man! Quite the mix of gymnastics movements and barbell movements. The movements for Cindy are basic and easily scaleable, as is the weight for DT. I love the increase in the reps with the 2 rounds of Cindy, followed by the decrease in the reps in DT.

Let’s take a look at DT. The bulk of the reps are in the deadlifts, but you could end up doing a lot more of them, and hang power cleans, depending on what weight you choose. When you get to the hang power clean, anytime you drop the bar, you’re going to be doing another deadlift before you start the hang power cleans as you MUST show full hip extension before hinging back into the hang position. Same with the jerk, as you’ll be tired and most likely doing a deadlift and a hang power clean before pressing the bar overhead. *Maybe* a power clean for some, but I’m going to say HPC.

So if you drop the bar after deadlifts, then 2x during the cleans, and 3x (every 2 reps) on the jerks, there’s a good chance your total reps, instead of 12/9/6, will be 17,12,6 through that 1 round — which equals A LOT of extra work.

It’s possible you can get through ONE round of DT unbroken, but that grip strength is going to be tested fo sho! Give it your all for these 20 minutes. Dig deep for the Hero WODs.


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5 – 70%
5 – 75%
3 – 80%
3 – 85%
2 – 85%


12 rounds
15 sec Wall Ball – 30/20
15 sec Rest
15 sec KB Swings – 70/53
15 sec Rest

Score is 1 number – total reps of everything, from all 12 rounds.

**Short bursts of work, so we’re looking for MAX INTENSITY during the 15 seconds of work. That doesn’t mean do 8 reps and stop and let the last 5 seconds tick away, that means the med ball hits the ground or kettlebell is set back down 1 second into the rest period. When you move to the next movement, keep counting up.

This will be a challenge with the weight for each movement, so you might not be able to cycle the wall balls as quickly as usual, so take a second to collect yourself, get the depth of the squat while you’re looking at the target, then explode up and hit the mark – men 10′, ladies 9′. If you need to scale the weight to hit your target, please do so. Men hit the top mark, women hit the lower mark.

Again, men hit the top mark. Ladies, bottom mark. Scale down the weight of the ball to ensure that you meet this standard.

For the swings, watch the video linked above and here. For the Russian style KB swings – the height of the kettlebell is above your hips and no higher than the shoulder at the top of the swing. Since the time domain in the working sets is short, I would recommend a lower height swing, just clearing the hips. This allows for consistency in the technique of the movement and more reps.

And remember the swing is a hip hinge, NOT a squat.


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Bench press
5 – 70%
5 – 75%
5 – 80%
3 – 85%
** Each set is followed by a set of single arm DB rows, reps of 10-12

2 Turkish Get-Up (TGU)- 53/35
4 Burpees
6 Jumping lunges (2=1)

**Starting the week off with a little push/pull for strength, then a burner to remind you what working out and intensity feels like if you took the last 4 days off. A bit of a ‘welcome back’ of sorts.


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“War Frank”

Three rounds for time of:
25 Muscle-ups
100 Squats
35 GHD situps

**Marine Captain Warren A. Frank, 26, of Cincinnati, Ohio, died November 25, 2008 while supporting combat operations in Ninewa province, Iraq. He was assigned to the 5th Air Naval Gunfire Liaision Company, III Marine Expeditionary Force, Okinawa, Japan. He is survived by his wife, Allison, and daughters Sophia Lynn and Isabella Grace.


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Back squat

In 3 min, do
250m row
10 Pistols (5/5)
Rest the remaining time
Complete a total of 5 rounds

*Workout is roughly 1 min rowing, 1 min pistols, 1 min rest. Scale the pistols to either butt to box, or standing on a box and touch your heel to the ground. This will challenge your speed and technique on the erg, as well as your balance and coordination with the gymnastics movement while working with a high heart rate when you come off the box. Take the time to work on your ankle mobility when warming up for squats and pistols.


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OPEN GYM 9-11am

“Thanksgiving Sampler Platter” **Optional workout**

For time..

5 rounds of
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Air squats

Then, 4 rounds of
8 Handstand push ups
15 KB Swings – 53/35

Then, 3 rounds of
15 Box jumps – 24/20
15 Knees to elbow

Then, 2 rounds of
20 Wall balls – 20/14
30 Sit ups

Then, 1 round of
50 Burpees