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200m run
5 Clean and Jerk – 185/135
15 Toes to bar

**Building on the jerks from the day before and combining it with the clean today. CLEAN = WITH SQUAT. Hopefully that answers any questions regarding if we’re doing a squat or power clean today. Next time will we do a power clean? Possibly. This is how we’re doing it today. Weight should be heavy that you’re doing singles. We’ll give you enough time to warm up and build up to that weight, or close to it.

Make the toes to bar challenging.. whether that means trying a few rounds as strict, working on shortening your kip, stringing 2-3 or more together before coming off the bar, or making 2-3 valiant efforts to kick the bar before scaling down to knees to elbow.


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Strength 1

Strength 2
3-3-3-3-3 (heavy 3 from racks)

100 Rus. KB Swings for time – 70/53

**So we have conventional deadlifts to start followed by push jerks for our dedicated strength day.

One thing to mention, or remind people of, is that we’re looking at heavy sets of 3 for both movements. Most of the time we’re allotted 15 minutes for each strength movement. If you don’t get in 5 working sets in that time, you don’t get them in *shrug* I feel like a broken record when I say that ‘heavy is relative to the time allotted, your stress levels, if you’re feeling tired/sore. If you are feeling sore/tired and you hit your heavy early.. hang out there for a few more sets. Don’t call it a day and move on to the next movement. Those extra reps might loosen you up a bit if you manage your rest between sets.

For the cash out, check out the video on KB swing technique. A couple points that he makes are regarding arm position (slight bend in the elbows) and when to hinge the hips back on the downswing. Spoiler – wait until upper arms make contact with the body. Heavier bell today, so you want to keep it close to the body. I’m running out of cues to to keep people from swinging the bell below their knees. What works for you? What do you say to yourself your hands close to your crotch on the backswing?


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Clean + Hang clean

2 Hang clean ~ 75-80% from strength
4 Burpees
8 Jumping air squats
90 sec work/30 sec rest – 4 rounds’

**So the strength complex might look a little similar to what we did on Thursday with the snatch and hang snatch. This isn’t a grip workout, so you can take a quick breather to regrip after the hang clean and before your 2nd clean if needed. Remember, we’re building to a heavy 2 today in the time allotted. If you get there quickly, stay at that weight and hone your technique. I bet you can pop those hips more aggressively and get under that bar faster.

That will come in handy in the workout where you’ll use a percentage of the weight you just found, but it will be a little lower since we’ll want you to cycle through the 2 reps quickly. No setting the bar down here before reps as you’ll want to move as quickly as you can between movements to accumulate as many rounds and reps as possible in those 4 rounds of 90 seconds of work. Need a drink? Save it for those 30 seconds of rest between rounds. 3-2-1.. GO!


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“Mr. Joshua”
5 rounds for time of:
400m run:
30 GHD sit ups
15 Deadlifts (250/185)

**SO1 Joshua Thomas Harris, 36, drowned during combat operations, August 30th 2008 in Afghanistan.

He is survived by his parents Dr. Sam and Evelyn Harris, his brother Ranchor and twin sister Kiki.

Gainz Club

10RM Back squat.. plus more good stuff!


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Filthy Fifty
50 Box jumps – 24/20
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 KB swings – 53/35
50 Walking Lunges (total steps)
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press – 45/35
50 Back extensions (or banded Good mornings)
50 Wall ball – 20/14
50 Burpees
50 Double unders

Compare to 5/4/17 and 12/14/16.

**Ahhh.. a classic CrossFit chipper workout. What do we mean by “chipper”? For one, it’s not necessarily how you feel during or immediately after the workout. It’s usually a long, grinding workout with 5+ movements. They can be done individually or as a team. They can utilize a lot of equipment, such as this one, or even just a pair of dumbbells. They might even be a Hero workout that are programmed on Sunday.

They are meant to push your metabolic conditioning; they test and push your limits. And they’re fun to do!


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Weighted pull ups
*or 15 min strict pull up work


For time
Thrusters – 135/95
Chest to bar pull ups
200m run BEFORE each round.

**Here’s a good chance to spend some time on pull ups – either improving on what you have, or working to get your first one, or stringing a few together. No pull ups? What’s your max chin over the bar hang? Let’s get in some negatives, band assisted pull ups, banded pull downs, and dumbbell rows. These can also be performed before/after class to help get you to your first STRICT pull up. Make it your goal for 2018 and add it to the board!

For the workout, we’re doing a spin on “Fran” by decreasing the reps, increasing the weight, increasing the difficulty of the pull ups, and including a run. With that said, we’re doing a completely different workout than Fran. *shrug* But I think whenever people see thrusters and pull ups coupled together, the girl WOD “Fran” comes to mind. Weight here should be heavy enough that you can do the thrusters in at least sets of 3. Think you can go unbroken? Go for it! See how this compares to your regular Fran time. It should be a smoker, not a strength workout, leaving you with that metallic taste in your mouth.

If you want to punish yourself some more – CASH OUT – 1 min max calories on the Assault Bike.


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Strength/Skill work
Snatch + hang snatch

For 12 minutes
20 sec DB snatch – 50/35
20 sec DB OH squat
20 sec rest
*alternate arms each round

For strength, you’ll do that complex 2 times.. so ‘snatch, hang snatch.. snatch hang, hang snatch’ = 2, your first set. This isn’t intended to smoke your grip, so if you need to put the bard down between complexes, that’s fine, but don’t leave and make a sandwich or get a drink.. get back to the bar, regrip and go. Heavy is relative here, so form needs to be spot on before adding to much weight. Are you getting a good launch from the pockets and landing in the bottom of the squat, or are you turning it into two movements – a power snatch and overhead squat?

For the workout, we’re going with a heavier dumbbell here as dumbbells at this weight became used more regularly starting with the CrossFit Open last year . I have a hunch we’ll be using DBs again, and going overhead, SOOOO… here’s a chance to get some CONTROLLED work/practice in. Now I had said I wanted you to use the same weight for yesterday’s TGUs, but it is definitely okay to use different weights today. Why? Because haven’t done DB OH squats in awhile, and it is a very challenging unilateral movement. Not only does your squat have to be on point, but you need some kickass overhead mobility. Check out the video above to see how straight up and down his arm is.

Lacking mobility to hit a full depth squat? We have a workshop for that. Sign up!


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Strength 1
Back squat
3-3-3-3-3 (heavy 3)

Strength 2
Push press
2-2-2-2-2 (heavy 2)

8 min
Max Turkish Get ups – 53/35

Rx+ – 70/53

**This is our dedicated strength day. Heavy 3 for back squat, and heavy 2 for push press. We did push press to a heavy 3 on Friday, January 5th, so check back in your records to see what did then, and maybe you’ll be able to eek out 5 more pounds today. Remember for the push press, we’re only looking for the knees to bend/break once during the movement. That happens during the down/up or dip/drive phase to get the bar off the shoulder. It’s similar to the first part of the Burgener warm up – creating speed through the middle – so we want an aggressive movement here to get the bar moving vertically off the shoulders.

Wrapping up the day with as many Turkish Get ups (TGU) you can complete in 8 minutes. You will find that you have a dominate side where the TGUs are easier, or you can do them quicker, or your shoulder feels more stable. But I also want you to use the same weight for both arms. Too often people scale single arm movements with DBs or KBs by using a different weight each arm, but I want to make sure we bring that weaker arm up to speed, and that won’t happen if you keep using a lighter weight.


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“OPEN 11.5”

As Many Reps as Possible
in 20 minutes
5 Power Cleans (145/100 lbs)
10 Toes-To-Bars
15 Wall Balls (20/14 lbs)

*As I mentioned in the weekly blog post, we’ll be repeating Open workouts from the past as Dave Castro usually throws one in as a “surprise”. Why? Because CrossFit is scaleable, measureable, and repeatable. Repeat a workout from a year or two ago and see how much you’ve improved over time. Now, it’s likely very few people did this workout back in 2011, or were even doing CrossFit back then, but don’t be surprised if you see this workout come up again in the Fall. We will spend time working on toes to bar, warming up for the power cleans, and talking about standards to be met for each movement – what distinguishes a good rep vs a bad rep. Check out this post of mine from a few years ago discussion the difference between a “Games standard rep” and a regular old rep in a non-Open workout. Spoiler – there is no difference.


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Halting snatch deadlift
with 1 sec pause below kneecaps (2nd position in the video)
*Build to a Heavy 3

12 min AMRAP
5 Power snatch – 135/95
10 Push ups
15 Sit ups
20 Air Squats

**So we’re hitting the snatch grip DL a second time around. We first did it two weeks ago when we only had 10 minutes to build up to a heavy 3. We’ll have a little more time today, so hopefully you’ll feel a little more comfortable with the movement. As mentioned above, we’ll be stopping just below the knees, which is shown as the 2nd pause in the video. After hanging there for 1 second, stand up all the way. We want to reinforce the first pull of the snatch, which we’ll be doing for the workout.

Following this this up with a mostly bodyweight diddy that opens with a power snatch – ground to overhead utilizing the same grip and first pull that you will have spent at least 15 minutes honing. Don’t forget it and just yank the bar overhead. Use a weight that allows you that have a smooth first pull while hitting the other positions shown in the videos, particularly at the waist. Contact needs to be made. Snatch weight should be something you can do unbroken for rounds 1 and 2, then split – if necessary – as 3/2 for the following.