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Strength 1/Skill/Technique
Split snatch
3-2-1-1-1 – Heavy single

Strength 2
Single arm Z-press
5×5 per arm + 3xME bar hang

Cashout WOD
3 Power Snatch (75/55)
5 Pushups

*We first, and last, did split snatches back on April 4th. We included some reverse lunges, which we’re eliminating today, so it’s possible you can go heavier today if that was your limiter last time.

The Z-press is a great follow up to the single arm carries from the day before. If you thought walking with weight overhead exposed mobility issues, let’s see what your core strength looks like as you try to press from a seated position. Oh and how ’bout dem hamstrings?? Can you sit in a wide V with your legs flat?


The workout that follows is short – in time, reps, and weight. These are easy to cheat the ROM, so make sure to open your hips fully on the snatches and press your arms to FULL extension on the push ups.
– Snatches unbroken every round.
– Complete a round every 20-30 seconds for those that really want a challenge of 10 rounds.


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Weighted carry – SINGLE ARM Overhead Kettlebell carry
-4xME in 90 seconds, rest 90s -rotate hands each time – 5m turns – RX 53/35

5 Rounds
Row 250m
15 Wall Balls (30/20)

*Weighted carries are back! We’ve done them with dballs, suitcase style on the side, and now we’re going overhead. I love these because they are great for overhead strength (duh!) and mobility. They are great for exposing mobility issues not just in the shoulder capsule, but in the tspine region as well. I feel like I’m repeating myself when I say this, but I know it needs to be said – don’t sacrifice a good ‘score’ (many laps/turns) if you have shitty form. If your elbow is bending, wrist is bent back, ribs flaring all over the place – good lord, just take a few seconds and bring the weight down, breathe, and reset. We’ll be covering the length of 3 mats for our 5 meters.

The workout is deceiving – the row will take around 1 min, but we putting some heft into these wall balls by bumping up the weight. Don’t lose any teeth on this one. If you normally scale down on wall balls from 20/14 to 14/10 or something else, maybe try going a little heavier this time around, but really work to hit the 10′ (men) or 9′ (women) target.


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Box squat
*Heavy 3

10 Rounds for Time
1 Power Snatch (185/125)
3 Overhead squat
5 Deadlifts

*We did box squats to a heavy set of 5 reps back on 4/6 (Friday). Today – set of heavy 3. Remember that the box height should be at or just above/below parallel. We’re not using the box to just mark the stopping point of the squat, but SITTING FULLY ON THE BOX and then standing up. One thing I caught a lot of people doing last time is rocking *too* much out of the squat, and also taking their heels off the ground. Keep your heels planted and use your muscles and not momentum to get up off the box.

Now the workout is a little tricky in that we’re going from powerlifting movement to an Olympic movement – simple to complex. I say ‘simple’ because a squat is pretty much ‘down/up’ where a snatch is down/up, high elbows, muscle snatch, drop/land for foot work. The latter should look familiar. It’s also at a fairly heavy weight that might take some time warming up to – whatever your snatch weight is going to be.

We’re looking for each round to be about 1 minute, treating this workout like a 10 min AMRAP. Whatever weight you choose – be it Rx or scaled – should be something that you can do the snatch and overhead squats unbroken. Yes, I said treat it like a 10 min AMRAP, however, take anytime necessary after the deadlifts to rest to make sure you perform the snatch and overhead squats unbroken. These are two high skilled movements for many people, no matter what weight you choose, so make sure you don’t sacrifice form/technique for the snatch and overhead squat to get a bitchin’ time.


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20 Min AMRAP
5 Man Makers – 50/35
10 Toes to bar
400m run

*Three ‘simple’ movements, yet still a complex workout. The Man Maker is actually made up of a push up, renegade row, and squat clean and press (aka – cluster from the ground). The toes to bar is a higher skilled gymnastics movement – progression from a pull up – that involves not only grip strength, but coordination and timing of the ‘kip’ or ‘beat’ to kick the bar between your hands and then be able to cycle the movement multiple times. Running is often overlooked as a ‘skill’ – it’s something you just DO. But, like other movements, there is skill and grace involved – more than just putting one foot in front of the other. Think of it as ‘falling gracefully’. When the front foot hits the ground, pick it up and quickly as possible and replace it with the other foot. If you lean forward while doing this, you’ll be running.

Repeat these three movements for 20 minutes and you’ve got yourself a workout.


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Glute Bridge
3xME @ 60% 1 RM Squat


Hang Power Clean (135/95)
Burpee box Jump (24/20)

*Last week of our ‘fun stuff’ for strength, and we’re starting off the week with some work on the backsides. Peaches be lookin’ GOOD for the summer! Adding some more weight this week, as we’ve increased each week from 40-50-60% – but still trying to keep reps around 15 per round.

Cap off the hour with a little couplet with quite a bit of hip extension. We’ve got some mod-heavy hang power cleans with some burpee box jumps. That set of 21 is a killer, so get through that and you’ll be fine. Try not to scale the weight *too* much if you have to since we want there to be some weight on the bar. And on the box jumps, no need to go to the other side – not box jump OVER.

And as a reminder or as a note to members new to CrossFit, the ‘long hand’ version of this workout is as follows.
For time
21 Hang power cleans
21 Burpee box jumps
15 Hang power cleans
15 Burpee box jumps
9 Hang power cleans
9 Burpee box jumps


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For time:
95 pound barbell Thrusters, 10
15 Bar-facing burpees
95 pound barbell Thrusters, 20
25 Bar-facing burpees
95 pound barbell Thrusters, 30
35 Bar-facing burpees

**U.S. Army First Lieutenant Omar Vazquez, 25, of Hamilton, New Jersey, assigned to the 2nd Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, based in Fort Hood, Texas, died of wounds suffered April 22, 2011, when insurgents in Numaniyah, Iraq, attacked his unit with an improvised explosive device. He is survived by his parents Maria and Pablo, sister Marisel, and brothers Pablo and Javier.


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Weighted carry
*One handed Suitcase carry
*Rep scheme – 4xME in 90 seconds – rotate hands each time – RX (70/53)

7 Pull Ups
14 Power Snatch (95/65)
21 Overhead squat (95/65)

*The weighted carry will be inside, same as with the dball – the length of 3 mats back and forth as many times in 90 seconds. What I like about the suitcase carry is the body will want to naturally ‘shift’ to compensate for the weight. Instead of leaning, really focus on using your obliques to stay tall and stay upright. To make it more realistic to the DC, waive your free hand like your hailing a cab because your Uber/Lyft driver is 5 min away and you ‘just can’t wait’. #epiceyeroll

The workout will be a good follow up to Fran with some pulling, ground to overhead, and squatting. You might be feeling that core after the Zercher squats and suitcase carries. If there’s anything to really active your core (no, it’s not crunches) it’s weight carries and overhead holds. The weight is our standard ‘light’ weight, but the reps for both the snatches and overhead squats will really test your stamina.


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Zercher or crossed arm Front squat

12 Min AMRAP
10 Box Jumps (24/20)
10 Dips
10 D-Ball to shoulder (100/60)

**One thing I want to correct from the video is “Zercher” does not have to do with where you hold the barbell (crooks of your arms), but instead is the last name of the creator of this type of hold – Ed Zercher – who was a ‘bare bones’ lifter without a squat rack, so this is how he held the barbell to squat. And that’s how you got the Zercher Squat.

The dude in the video gets pretty hyped up about the movement, spending a lot of time shouting out the parts of the body the movement works. Everything. Zercher squats work everything. But since you’re holding the bar in the crooks of your elbows, of course your abs and upper back will be working more to stabilize and support the weight. Notice the placement of his hands and elbows as well as the position of his upper back at the bottom of the squat. These aren’t “Zercher good mornings” so we’re not bowing forwards; we’re squatting, so sit your butt down. Working sets of 8 reps will be challenging, but a good challenge.

The workout will challenge your quads, calves, hip extenders, tricep extenders, core flexors, biceps femoris, and sarcasm intermedius.


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Buy in: Run 800m

4 Rounds
25 Wall Balls (20/14)
15 Hang Power Clean (115/75)
10 Push Press

Cash Out: Sprint 400m

**Our second workout this week with no dedicated strength. That’s cool. You’ll still bet plenty of lifting in with the medicine ball for wall balls, and barbell for hang power cleans and push press. The weight might not look too intimidating, but your arms might be feeling a little tired after those wall balls. And your legs, too, if used properly on the hang power cleans might feel like jelly after the wall balls.

Open and close the workout with some running – 2 laps to start, 1 lap to finish. Clock stops when you get back from the last run. This is one of those workouts where you come in and do the work. *fist bump emoji*


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Glute Bridge
3xME @ 50% 1 RM Squat


Thrusters 95/65

*12 min time cap*

^Compare to 7/27/17, 10/20/16, 2/5/16, 8/11/15 (with DBs), 12/21/14.. and a few more

**Bringing back the glute bridges from Friday. Ohh yeahh, awkward eye contact. Increasing the weight this week – going up to 60% next week spoiler alert – but still maintain that good ROM.

Following this up with Fran, one of the most popular CrossFit girl benchmark WODs. As you can see we have completed it 5 times (actually 7) before at Old City. Everyone should have completed Fran at least once – scaled or Rx. Yes, there is a timecap on it for good reason – we want to keep the stimulus the same (or as close to it) for everyone. This is a sprint, and if it takes someone 4 minutes and someone else 24 minutes, what was supposed to be an anaerobic, black-lung-cough inducing workout is a aerobic workout. Even if you are using a PVC pipe and ring rows, you go balls to the wall on this workout. If you ever want to try it Rx even if it takes you 12-24+ minutes, by all means, come to an open gym and knock your socks off. But for today, we want you to do what you can – scaling if necessary – to get it under 12 minutes.