Push press
Heavy 8

12 min AMRAP
Strict press
Barbell box step ups (20”)
Rx – 65/45

## Completed as 2 lunges (R/L), 2 strict presses, 2 step ups (R/L), then 4 lunges (R/L/R/L), 4 strict presses, 4 step ups (R/L/R/L).. etc.. continue completing even reps of each movement for 12 minutes. All reps/every step counts as 1 rep. Bar can be racked up front or back for the step ups, but it must come from the front rack for the strict presses.##

**Finally using the rig for some strength work. As with pull ups/toes to bar, the spot you select on the floor will be where you are at the rig. Sections 1,2,3 will be using the moveable racks. Now that that is settled — let’s get to lifting! Push press will alternate weekly with floor press, so you’ll see the reps decrease to 5 and 3 in the coming weeks. Getting in some volume work to start things off.

The workout weight looks like, but it will get heavy quickly. I’m looking at you, strict press. If you find yourself having to break up the reps or doing push press by round 6 or 8, ya went too heavy. The box height is the same for everyone, but the key thing here is to make sure you’re standing up with your plant leg and keep that trail leg trailing until you’re nearly standing up. Struggling to do this or you find yourself leaning froward? Use a lower box, or stack some plates to step up from to bring the floor up a little higher. I’d rather you go lighter and faster with good form on this than be doing push presses and leaning forward on the step ups or stumbling to balance on the lunges.

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