“Skipping The Chief”
50 Double unders
3 Rounds of “The Chief” (on steroids)
*one round is
-3 Power cleans (155/105)
-6 Push ups
-9 Air squats

**This isn’t an intentional ‘list of my favorite things’ workout, but it might look that way. Double unders were something that clicked with me right away, but I’ve currently been struggling with them. Push ups seem to have regressed a bit, too, but my confidence with the barbell is building after Wednesday’s power clean work. With that said, “The Chief” makes my heart go pitter patter because of the beauty of its simplicity. I’ve said that quite a bit in recent workout blog posts – simple, yet effective – and it holds true with “The Chief”.

We did this workout nearly one year ago, so check your records to see the weights/scales and time, or check the picture below.

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