20 RFT
5 Wall ball – 30/20
3 Bar facing burpees (only 3! for real!)
1 Clean – 185/135

**Long workout today to start the weekend. A few thoughts on each movement starting from the top down. The wall balls should be a heavier weight than you usually use (20/14 is the standard) so long as you can still hit the 9 or 10′ mark on the wall. If that isn’t happening, stick with your usual weight.

The standard for the burpees will be the feet going backwards, and then coming forwards at the same time. For 3 reps, this is something MOST people should be able to maintain. Stepping back/forward is scaling. You have to take off with both feet, but you DO NOT have to land with both feet at the same time.

As for the cleans, it’s a heavy but controllable back to the ground weight. Yes, with a squat.

How to pace is up to you, but pace this. Be a little conservative at the start and keep that pace or pick it up. The idea is to still get it done as quickly as possible – under 30 minutes. I don’t want you to sprint out of the gates and sputter to the finish. If you’re gunning for under 20 min, that comes to 1 round per min (slightly faster) and under 30 you need to be finishing each round under 90 seconds. It’s doable! This is a great chance to work on heavy singles for cleans and going unbroken on heavy wall balls.

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