Skill Work
EMOM x 12
Handstand pushup
1. Hollow Hold (hollow hold progressions
2. Inversion hold – (or one leg at a time off the box)
3. HSPU off a box, in a downward dog position, or seated press.. lastly, scaling to an overhead hold.

For time
30 Barbell complex (115/75)
*Lunge, lunge – Shoulder 2 OH

**5 burpee penalty every time the bar is below the shoulders

**Getting you back to doing skill work after months of burpees. This EMOM (every minute, on the minute) format should look familiar, as should some of the movements For 12 minutes, you’ll do about 30-40 seconds of work on the movement listed, and then you will rest the remaining time on the clock before moving on to the next movement. Rest is built it, as it’s needed to (re)learn new skills. So hold off on treating it like an AMRAP. Check out the video links if you have any questions. Coaches will gladly help you scale if you haven’t been inverted for the last 3 months.

Workout gets a barbell in your hands yet again. If Thursday’s thursters were hard, you might consider staying at that weight or scaling down. Limiting factor here will be in the wrists since barbell is either in the front rack position or overhead. Anywhere else and you have a quick 5 burpees to knock out. Choose your weight wisely so you don’t make this a burpee workout.

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