Ring dips
5 DB hang cluster – 50/35
35 Double unders

**First off, let me explain the rep scheme if it doesn’t make sense.

Or 10/5/35, 9/5/35, 8/5/35… etc.. until 1/5/35. The reps for the ring dips decrease, but the reps for the hang clusters and double unders stays the same.

Cool? Cool!

So we’re specifying that dips are to be done on the rings. Any use of the Matador or bands or boxes is considered scaling. Is that a bad thing? Nah. I realize this workout is for time and you want to move through the movements quickly, but make sure that – if you’re scaling the dips – that you’re still getting full range of motion (ROM) of the movement. Also, scale to something that’s still a challenge. If you’re on a box pumping out tricep dips, let’s get your legs extended or prop them up on a small box, and make sure you’re still hitting full ROM. The clusters you should manage to do unbroken each round. And the double unders will get a touch spicy for some. I think 35 unbroken is manageable, but you might find yourself going 20/15 just to catch your breath.