500m row
20 Push ups w hands on DBs
20 DB Thrusters (50/35)

**A pull/push long day. You’ll see something similar during our strength work on Thursday that will include some core work. But core work is done every day whether or not it’s programmed. Yeah, yeah.. you’ve heard it before. But think about your body position when rowing or trying to do a push up if your core wasn’t engaged. You’d likely be slouching when rowing and have a rounded low back. And on the push ups, your midsection and butt would be sagging because you weren’t properly bracing. It’s more than suck in your stomach or try to reach your bellybutton to your spine. Instead, think of a corset around your body, holding you tight all 360 deg. Now think of that getting tighter and tighter. It will be harder to bend or flex, and that’s the idea behind core tension – preventing the body from flexing or extending.

Even with this brace ‘on’, you should still be able to breathe.