Strength 1
Power snatch + Hang squat snatch
Heavy 2

Strength 2
3 x 5 – Strict
3x ME – Weighted (if you have at least 5 strict dips, work on weighted dips)

Super Set
Barbell row
3 x 12 AHAP

*Midweek break for some snatch work. Ground to overhead, then from the hang into a squat. The latter we’ve been working on for the last few weeks as a hang squat snatch, snatch balance, or overhead squat, trying to get comfortable with the bar overhead and dropping into squat. Am I expecting a lot of weight on the bar? Nah. Am I expecting tight form and technique? Hell yeah. Start with a solid air squat, spend some time working on your overhead mobility, check to make sure your bar path is close to the body, and put that all together for a great complex.

Follow it up with some push/pull work with dips and barbell rows. It’s been awhile since we’ve worked on dips, which also means they’re likely to show up in a workout soon 😉