3 x 10, 3 sec negative


In 2 min, do
250m row
Max KB Swings (70/53)
Rest 2 min. Repeat 3 more times. Score is total number of swings from all 4 rounds.

*Wrapping up the week with more eccentric deadlifts. We started at 6, then 8 reps, and now we’re at 10s. Keep that form in check. Midline tension is KEY, as is prying v jerking the bar off the ground. All three working sets will be at the same working weight, so take a little time to find that. It doesn’t have to be crazy heavy to be effective since you’ll be spending a lot of time under tension.

Interval workout pairing rowing and KB swings has you doing a similar movement pattern. Will you try to hold onto the KB or break up the reps to save your grip? Hmm.. decisions, decisions.