20 min AMRAP
25/20 cal row
14 push ups – hands on dumbbells
7 KB Thrusters – 50/35

**Starting off the week on a good note, with a long, sexy metcon.

I’ll answer this question now and try to decipher a few terms

WODWorkout of the Day. This usually includes a strength/skill portion and a workout, or just a workout.

‘Sexy metcon’ – is a term used for a workout that’s typically longer than 15 minutes and does not include strength. We do these metcons, short for metabolic conditioning, twice a week at Old City. Usually this term is also referred to as ‘cardio’, hence, longer workouts. And why are they so sexy? Because longer workouts tend to appeal to people who prefer to not do strength training for fear of “getting bulky”. But we all know that’s false because you get bulky through genetics and eating a crapton of food.

With that said, we have a long workout today that will improve your cardio respiratory conditioning as well as improve your strength by way of rowing, push ups and dummbbell thrusters.

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