Strength 1
Snatch high pull + Hang power snatch
Heavy 2
^Add a pause just above the knees on the high pull.

Strength 2
Romanian deadlifts
4 x 10 AHAP

Super set
Pull ups
5-5-5-5 – Weighted


4x max reps – Strict

**First off, here’s a great Instagram post from Catalyst Athletics on the usefulness of the high pull. If you aren’t on IG, check out the demo and explanation on their website. This is a go-to page of mine for videos, articles, and movement demos. Check it out.

Today we’re paring the high pull with a snatch from the hang. The reason for this is to continue working on the upward pull of the barbell, and see how it translate to getting the barbell overhead. This is a great day – after a tough last three days – to really focus on the bar path, and making sure you’re getting that hip extension. And the pause at the beginning is to work on maintaining solid body position from the ground to the knees.

Pull up work today has those with strict pull ups working on weighted pull ups, and those still working on pull ups to… well.. work on ya pull ups! We have “Cindy” coming up next Tuesday.